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Marvel has finally revealed the biggest threat in its latest Secret Invasion, and it may be the one that tears the Avengers apart.

The following contains major spoilers for Secret Assault #2, on sale now from Marvel Comics.

Secret Assault has brought the threat of shape-shifting invaders back to the forefront of the Marvel Universe. As the world’s most secretive forces move quietly to quell the situation before it spirals out of control, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes are left wondering which of them could be an alien infiltrator. Fortunately, they were able to discover a Skrull in their midst, though not one prepared to do the most damage to the Avengers.

After dealing with Nick Fury’s various imposters, Maria Hill quickly moves into the ranks of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes for an urgent blood test. Although his methods are certainly intrusive, to say the least, the Avengers all agree to his requests for a blood sample. As seen in the pages of Secret Assault #2 (by Ryan North, Francesco Mobili, Jordie Bellaire, and VC’s Joe Caramagna), this leads to Black Widow being discovered as a Skrull, which when combined with the lack of any other failed tests, is enough to calm the rest of the heroes’ nerves for now. And, in Tony Stark’s case, it was enough to assure him that the plans of his fellow Skrulls were going exactly as intended.

Returning to his lab, Stark is greeted by another version of himself revealing the blood bag attached to his arm that he used to pass Hill’s test. This is more than enough to make it absolutely clear that Stark has been replaced without anyone knowing it. It also sets the stage for the latest Skrull invasion to do untold amounts of damage before anyone can stop him, assuming no one will find out the truth anytime soon.

This recent revelation goes back to the events of 2008 Secret Assault, which saw Jessica Drew, aka Spider-Woman, revealed as the Skrull mastermind of the conspiracy Queen Veranke. As his plan begins, Veranke manages to shut down most of SHIELD, SWORD, and Stark’s infrastructure undetected. He even pits the Avengers against each other and almost convinces the real Stark that he’s a Skrull before finally going down. As impressive as her accomplishments are, they’re only possible because Veranke has spent years pretending to be Spider-Woman, gaining the trust of her allies, and having access to everything she’ll need to conquer the world.

Since it’s unknown how long this Tony Stark has been around, there’s also no way to tell how deeply he’s digging his claws into everything at his disposal. Beyond his businesses, Tony has almost unfettered access to every resource and piece of technology the Avengers have at hand. This isn’t even to mention the sway Tony has over his fellow heroes and geniuses, meaning he can easily take advantage of any goodwill between them.

Even if this Skrull impersonator only acts as Tony for a short time, it won’t take long for him to shut down many of Earth’s best defenses against an invading army. Especially if his machinations continued unabated, then dispersing the Stark tech or the stockpile he had accumulated through Source Control would be easy enough. Hopefully, things haven’t progressed that far, though it’s hard to imagine that whatever this version of Tony has going on behind the scenes won’t be just as bad.


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