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Marvel’s Spider-Man sees players enjoying the freedom of what kind of Spider-Man they want their playstyle to be. With suit mods, players can upgrade their Spider-Man through three slots. These slots and the mods that go with them provide bonuses independent of the signature suit’s power. Marvel’s Spider-Man are many suit mods, but only a few are worth using.

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Suit mods can be equipped with value tokens and level requirements, making some easier to obtain than others. Every suit mod has its uses, but few deserve the title of the best suit mods Marvel’s Spider-Man.

Updated on December 23, 2022 by Jake Fillery:Now that Marvel’s Spider-Man has been available on PlayStation and PC for quite some time now, gamers are definitely starting to experiment more with the arsenal they’ve been given. Players use Spider-Man best suit mods to become the best version of the character they can, efficiently.

Thanks to the best suit mods, Spiderman PS4 has become a game that is much bigger than just spamming the punch button. It takes care to make the best Spider-Man, and excel as a superhero. Regarding the best suit mods, Spiderman has a lot to choose from, because they are all important.


14/14 Combat Analyzer


One of the first suit mods that players should use is Combat Analyzer. At level 5, and for 3 Crime Tokens and 1 Landmark Token, players can get a nice beginner suit mod. What makes it so great for early adopters is the fact that it increases the XP gained from defeating enemies.

Having levels and XP is important for an early game experience, considering that with each level players will unlock something new. Whether that’s a new Spider-Man outfit, more suit mods, or upgrade levels. It benefits the player to level up quickly.

Spider-Man throws a web at an enemy's face in Marvel's Spider-Man

The Metabolic Converter suit mod works the same way. For this to work, players have to hit. This makes the Spider-Man suit mod look inefficient, but it can be good in some respects. If players are not the best at avoiding attacks, then the Metabolic Converter will help them keep enemies back, or even defeat thanks to its ability.

This mod allows Spider-Man the opportunity to generate gadget refills if he breaks down, and can be unlocked at Level 25. By purchasing only 3 Research Tokens, the Metabolic Converter suit mod will have Spider-Man who never runs out of web fluid .

12/14 Life Support

spider-man from marvel's spider-man

Life Support is unlocked at level 35, meaning it’s a long shot for new players Marvel’s Spider-Man. Life Support also requires 3 Challenge Tokens and 3 Research Tokens to use, but these are relatively easy to obtain since the activities also reward XP.

This suit mod automatically consumes Focus bar to heal the player when they are low on health. This is a lifesaver suit mod, as players may not focus on their health during one of the game’s epic battles. With this suit mod, they won’t need to worry about that, because the game does it automatically.

11/14 Bio Mesh

Spider-Man Remastered is Steam Deck Verified

With the requirement of 6 Crime Tokens and 2 Landmark Tokens, the Bio Mesh suit mod can be used after reaching level 35. This is an important suit mod for players who love great combos, as players will receive some incoming damage without resetting the combo counter.

The combo is more than just a fun number on the screen that tests the skill of individual players. A combo builds up a players Focus bar, allowing for special moves, as well as the ability to heal during combat. Bio Mesh does this so that players are given another chance to continue their combo.

10/14 Bio Scanner

spider-man fighting dr octopus

This stealth suit mod takes 1 Base Token and 3 Research Tokens to use, as long as the player reaches level 15. The reason Bio Scanner is so effective is the fact that scanned enemies are will remain highlighted until combat begins.

Bio Scanner benefits mean that stealth is more effective. There are many stealth segments in the Marvel’s Spider-Manand with the Bio Scanner, players will never accidentally run into an enemy, as they will remain scanned.

9/14 Ballistic Inserts

Marvels Spider-Man Fan Uses Ultimate Suit Mod To Recreate Comic Book Panel

Among the best Spider-Man suit mods are those that serve to protect Spider-Man. Ballistic Inserts do that and will reduce incoming bullet damage that Spider-Man will take. This requires Spider-Man to reach Level 5 and requires 1 Base Token and 3 Crime Tokens. This is quite effective for the early game, as it can help players who make mistakes while dodging.

This is a decent defense suit mod that will allow Spider-Man to absorb more damage. Everyone makes mistakes in video games, even if that means having enemies take bullets out of Spider-Man. Players will have more freedom with this suit mod.

8/14 Full Charge Capacitors


As an offense suit mod, Full Charge Capacitors are used after level 20, and have 2 Base Tokens and 4 Crime Tokens. Full Charge Capacitors increase the player’s damage when their health is above 100.

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When players level up, they will gain more health, exceeding 100 HP. Full Charge Capacitors at an early level will be good for players to use their spider senses correctly and avoid damage. Or, with more levels, there is more rest due to the extra health.

7/14 First aid

Spider-Man subway

For First Aid, players are required to have 2 Landmark Tokens and 1 Research Token and spend them after level 15. First Aid increases the amount of health players receive when using Focus to heal.

When players are injured, it can cost them the game and require them to restart from a checkpoint. Some battles can be overwhelming, but in First Aid, they don’t always feel that way. The increased amount of healing from Focus is a huge benefit.

6/14 Proximity Sensor

Marvel's spider-man remastered suits the skin cosmetics mods potential

At level 50, players can unlock the Proximity Sensor. It’s rather unfortunate that it’s such a high level, because, at this point, most players will have already found a lot of collectibles, or have completed the story and may not be interested in collectible items. However, with 3 Landmark Tokens, and 6 Research Tokens, the Proximity Sensor can be obtained.

With Proximity Sensor, players will have secret photo locations on the minimap revealed. These secret locations are the key to some great easter eggs Marvel’s Spider-Manas well as some happy moments.

5/14 Blast Plates

Shocker Spider-Man PS4

One of the best Spider-Man suit mods is Blast Plates, for its added protection against grenades, rocket launchers, and other elements of explosive damage. As players progress through the game, they will soon find that enemies become faster, hit harder, and have more Spider-Man. However, in classic Spidey fashion, this won’t stop the quipping web-slinger.

Players can use the Blast Plate at Level 30 with 6 Challenge Tokens and 6 Crime Tokens. Although Level 30 may be a while away, if players use XP well, they will reach Level 30 in no time, at the same time that criminals gain access to rocket launchers.

4/14 Webbed Striker

Spider-Man Gadgets- Web Bomb

Thanks to the Webbed Striker, not only melee and dodge attacks will be useful but also web attacks, as web attacks will generate more Focus. Focus is a mechanic on Marvel’s Spider-Man. This allows players to build up gauge through melee attacks and dodges so they can spend the Focus bar on healing or Finisher moves.

At level 10, and for 4 Crime Tokens and 1 Research Token, the Webbed Striker is in the player’s hand. Using Web attacks and melee strikes will give players more combat efficiency, especially if it keeps their Focus meter full.

3/14 Gel Padding

Infiltrating an Enemy Base in Marvel's Spider-Man

Level 4 will see the unlocking of Gel Padding. This suit mod costs 1 Backpack Token and 3 Crime Tokens, both activities are easy to complete in very early levels, making for a great early game suit mod.

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Gel Padding is a defensive suit mod that reduces incoming melee damage. Most enemies will be forced to punch Spider-Man with weapons and fists, and if the spider-senses fail, Gel Padding can help them out.

2/14 Stormbolt Discharger


If Spider-Man PS4 players want the best suit mods, they should look no further than Stormbolt Discharger. This suit mod requires a bit of skill, as players will need to fight enemies in the air for effectiveness. Fighting enemies with air attacks will generate an electrical charge, which can be dissipated after attacking enemies on the ground.

It gives players more damage and stun enemies, unlocking at Level 45. This is the second to last unlock for Spider-Man Remastered best suit mods and requires 6 Crime Tokens and 4 which is Research Token. It’s a great weapon for a great superhero.

1/14 Threat Sensors


At level 20, players will be able to unlock Threat Sensors, as long as they have 1 Base Token and 2 Research Tokens. This suit mod makes it so that time slows down after Perfect Dodge, a great skill for many players.

Slowing down time is done so that the player has more time to react, and they benefit from honing their skills when it comes to spider-sense. A Perfect Dodge and Threat Sensor will allow players to act and think as fast as Spider-Man.

Spider-Man Remastered is currently available on PC, PS4, and PS5.

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