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“Sins of Sinister” architect Kieron Gillen mentioned the X-Males crossover will introduce many darkish dystopias, together with a “Sh-thead Star Trek” world.

The upcoming Marvel Comics occasion “Sins of Sinister” will introduce a world that author Kieron Gillen refers to as “Shithead Star Trek.”

Beginning in January Sins of the Sinner #1, the X-Males The crossover will span three separate time durations—10, 100 and 1000 years sooner or later—wanting on the other ways Sinister’s rule adjustments the Marvel Universe. “Every season has its personal vibe,” Gillen mentioned SFX Journal. “+10 points are within the close to future Onslaught of the robbers of the Physique, cyberpunk dystopia. +100 goes to galactic, and I often consider it as Shithead Star Trek! By +1000, it explodes into an operatic, huge area horror-scream, a tragic future the place there may be solely Sinister, many flavors and lots of sins.”

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Gillen additionally teased the dimensions of the occasion, evaluating it to the beloved “Age of Apocalypse,” one of many first dystopians. X-Males crossovers. “Sins Of Sinister is greater than the “Age of Apocalypse” in its scope,” mentioned Gillen. “As an alternative of 1 planet, it takes place all through the galaxy, within the thousandth 12 months, as a result of its horror reaches ranges of darkish impossibility.”

“I joke that it makes “Age of Apocalypse” appear to be that Particular Swimsuitand I am not saying when it comes to high quality or something,” Gillen beforehand famous. “What I am truly saying is, by the top of the thousand-year bit, it is so apocalyptically grim.”

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Like “Age of Apocalypse,” “Sins of Sinister” will introduce new variations of traditional characters. The trailer for the occasion launched what seemed like Beast / Colossus, Angel / Jean Grey and Nightcrawler / Spider-Man hybrids, whereas the duvet for one of many crossover points had the Wolverine / Nightcrawler amalgamation entrance and middle.

Following Sins of the Sinner #1, the rule of Mr. Sinister will proceed to be explored in Gillen’s pages Immoral X-Males (changed Immortal X-Males), by Al Ewing Storm and the Brotherhood of Mutants (changed X-Males Crimson) and Si Spurrier Nightcrawlers (changed Legion of X). They are going to be joined by artists Paco Medina, Andrea Di Vito and Alessandro Vitti, who will every draw one challenge of every three-issue tie-in collection. The occasion will finish in April Sins of Sinister: Dominion #1.

Written by Gillen and illustrated by Lucas Werneck, with a primary cowl by Leinil Francis Yu, Sins of the Sinner #1 hit bodily and digital comedian cabinets on Jan. 25, 2023.

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