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Chasm condemns Peter to limbo, the place he should proceed to play the function of a depressing photographer till he submits his soul to Ben.

  • The Amazing Spider-Man #17

    The Wonderful Spider-Man #17

    Zeb Wells

    Ed McGuinness, Cliff Rathburn

    VC’s Joe Caramagna

    Cowl Artist:
    John Romita Jr., Scott Hanna, Marcio Menyz



    Launch Date:

    Marcio Menyz

In previous problems with The Wonderful Spider-Man, Ben Reilly and Madelyne Pryor carry a military of demons to New York Metropolis. The Darkish Net following the X-Males, Ms. Marvel, and Spider-Man as they attempt to defend their residence from the evil forces of Limbo. Written by Zeb Wells with paintings from Ed McGuinness and Cliff Rathburn, colours by Marcio Menyz, and letters from VC’s Joe Caramagna, The Wonderful Spider-Man #17 provides Peter Parker a nightmare begin to his new life in limbo.

The Wonderful Spider-Man #17 catches Peter Parker in Limbo and serves him an ultimatum — play alongside on their fake New York set or see his buddies damage. J. Jonah Jameson now leads a bunch of demons masquerading as reporters in a Every day Bugle constructing that appears to be burning eternally. However he’s too afraid of his “staff” hurting him to run a profitable paper. Peter, however, pulls no punches. He is not afraid to face demons, which earn him a buck or two. In the meantime, Chasm tries to impersonate the Sinister Six in a bid to make Spider-Man really feel comfy.

The Amazing Spider-Man #17 Peter Parker

The Wonderful Spider-Man #17 returns Peter to his outdated life as a photographer. It is like a merciless joke that does not cease, particularly in a world the place demons fill in as background characters, including to the ridiculous setting. Regardless that Peter tries to observe the principles, the scenario stays excessive and harmful. The angle and misbehavior of the demons was an excessive amount of for even somebody like Jameson to deal with. Wells retains issues transferring at a gradual tempo, combining exposition with rising motion. So as to add much more humor, Wells pushes new characters and develops a aspect plot whereas tethering Spider-Man to provocative ridiculousness. However fact be advised, it solely messes up the trail ahead.

Limbo has by no means been this enjoyable, and it is all due to the animated paintings of Ed McGuinness. He populates the comedian e book with goofy and over-the-top character designs. With demons taking over the shapes of animals and aliens, generally going the normal evil route, their transformation into Sinister Six-themed villains is beauty at finest. However the general depth behind the traces, augmented by Cliff Rathburn’s inks, retains the wackiness and the readers on their toes. To simulate the burning flames of limbo, colorist Marcio Menyz diffuses crimson and ocher tones all through the background. In the meantime, letterer Joe Caramagna dramatizes every scene with wacky onomatopoeia and equally oddball fonts to maintain the vitality up.

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The Amazing Spider-Man #17 Chasm

The Wonderful Spider-Man #17 is simply as quirky and playful, with Chasm’s quips and Spidey’s energetic disposition creating the strain that drives the story. Because the collection strikes into uncharted territory with some new components making a giant splash on the finish, the change in tone of Darkish Net the viewers will certainly be stunned. Now, Zeb Wells digs deeper into the shenanigans, including extra issues to Peter’s life as he fights to maintain his soul to himself. The Wonderful Spider-Man #17 was enjoyable, however nonetheless disappointing to see Ben Reilly undergo yet one more disaster.


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