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The following contains spoilers for Savage Avengers #8, on sale now from Marvel Comics.

One of the most dynamic aspects of Savage Avengers is how this branch of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes continues to encounter twisted tyrants as they flash through a broken time stream. They barely escaped the Hyborian Age, only to end up in the 2099-Universe. There, Ultron is revealed to be in charge of the “machine empire,” with the goal of destroying these intruders who threaten his reign, along with his army of corrupt Deathloks.

Fortunately, with Elektra/Daredevil leading the charge, the Black Knight, Weapon H, Anti-Venom, Cloak, and Dagger have someone to properly manage the team. They also got Doom 2099, Punisher/Jake Gallows, and Miles Morales/Deathlok, giving them much needed firepower. All these soldiers are easy to use as Savage Avengers #8 (by David Pepose, Carlos Magno, Espen Grundetjern, and VC’s Travis Lanham) pits them against Marvel’s deadliest robot in a fast-paced battle that could be a big problem.

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Savage Avengers introduces Ultimo to War

Savage Avengers has Ultron unleash Ultimo

Ultimo is one of Marvel’s most unheralded and underrated weapons. The alien robot makes its debut Tales of Suspense in the ’60s, created by Stan Lee and Gene Colan. The Mandarin found it and became a pawn, intent on waging war and killing the likes of Iron Man and War Machine over the years. And make no mistake, with its nearly indestructible armor and energy blasts, these heroes are nearly eliminated many times over.

Even the Avengers have had problems with the creature, as it has changed over the years. It became a virus, then a tool used by MODOK to attack Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, proving more terrifying than Doombots, Thor’s Destroyer, X-Men Sentinels, and even Ultron at times. Much of this is due to its cold attitude and a programming directive that requires blood. When the Savage squad arrived in Latveria in this reality, they were attacked by a robot version of Deathlok.

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Savage Avengers’ Spider-Man easily destroys Ultimo

Savage Avengers has Ultron unleash Ultimo

Ultimo is true to form, using his body and explosions to disperse the squad. It’s stronger, faster, and more efficient, which makes sense since it’s something Ultron perfected, thwarting his mission to protect Latveria. Ultron used the likes of MODOK as weapons in this grim future, so this Ultimo falls under that purvey, reminding readers that Ultron is willing to retool any villain as a slave to protect his throne. Actually, it’s a smart decision because the heroes are struggling under fire.

However, there is a flaw as some exposed wiring allows Elektra to slice through its stomach. This creates a window of opportunity where Miles engages with his web shooters, and uses his poison shot to fry Ultimo’s circuits. It’s a massive, dangerous game of Hail Mary because no one should ever get really close to a killer robot. But Miles gambled, knowing Ultimo wouldn’t stop, not with Ultron letting him loose like this. In the end, the heroes consider themselves lucky as they go on to find the time-array gauntlet and take down Ultron, because if Miles doesn’t get the job done, Ultimo is on course to fry them all for his master.


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