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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – This week, salespeople for a popular children’s clothing line were told they were out of a job. They tell On Your Side that this news comes at the worst possible time, right before Christmas.

Sellers of Matilda Jane Clothing, also known as Trunk Keepers, were told the gig had ended. Matilda Jane clothing is a privately owned brand. The website does not mention that the business is going out of business. It states that all sales are final.

“We are all heartbroken,” said Tiffany Winkler, a salesperson for the brand. “It’s not just clothes. That’s what anyone who buys or sells Matilda Jane will tell you. My oldest was in tears when I told her.”

Winkler has been selling Matilda Jane for five years and has about three hundred customers. She said there was no warning. Just a few days ago, she received new samples to show.

“It’s all amazing. We have a lot of questions. It’s just amazing how it all happened,” she said.

She received a letter stating that the company was winding down. It was experiencing financial difficulties. Executives were in talks to sell, but it didn’t work out. A reporter from our sister station, WPTA, in Fort Wayne, Indiana stopped by the warehouse. No one came to the door.

We do not know the number of jobs lost. On Your Side has reached out to the company several times by phone and email since last week. There is no answer yet.

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