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Even if Nat is touch and go or Clint falls, there is the immortal shot of Black Widow’s lifeless corpse lying at the bottom of the cliffs. Then a deeper tragedy emerged Loki when you realize TVA has a ton of Soul Stones just knocking around in a drawer.

Ben Mendelsohn as Talos in Captain Marvel

6. Ally Talos

Decades of Marvel Comics have painted the Skrulls as a villainous race, so enter Captain Marvel we assumed that Ben Mendelsohn’s Skrull leader Talos was a bad guy. For a while, there are no signs telling us otherwise, until an unarmed Talos casually arrives at our hero’s safe haven with the explanation that the Skrulls are just refugees, and that the Kree are actually again the villains of the piece. Later, the twist got a tantalizing extra edge when Marvel announced a Disney+ Secret Assault series, based on a comic event where the Skrulls actually are is the villains.

Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War

5. Thanos wins

If we have one thing thought We know about Marvel movies, the good guys always win, but in 2018 you could have heard a pin drop in most theaters when Thanos collected all six of his precious Infinity Stones and snapped his fingers, which removed half of all living beings from life. . As Bucky Barnes, Wanda Maximoff, Black Panther, Mantis, Groot, Spider-Man, Star-Lord, and the rest of our unfortunate heroes turn to dust, Thanos triumphantly makes his way to his garden, and begins the credits roll. Yes, we know Avengers: Endgame is coming, but it’s a dark revelation, and correcting The Snap will inevitably involve more sacrifice. In Phase 4, most of the fallout from The Snap and The Blip was still felt by the survivors.

Sebastian Stan as the Winter Soldier in Captain America: Civil War

4. Winter Starks

Tony Stark doesn’t exactly have a relationship with his father, which makes the death of Howard Stark (John Slattery) all the more tragic. Captain America: Civil War It might have been a huge swing away from the comic book arc it was (loosely) based on, but killing off Howard and Maria Stark was a big win.

Far from the political ideologies of the Sokovia Accords, the final act is a more personal revenge mission for Iron Man. He always knew his parents were killed, but when he is shown CCTV of Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) killing Howard and Maria Stark while under the influence of HYDRA’s brainwashing, his world crumbles.

There’s another intimate twist, thanks to Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) covering for his BFF: Civil War show’s the darker side of Stark, and unlike T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) sparing Helmut Zemo (Daniel Brühl), Tony would have killed Bucky if not for Steve being there.


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