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Marvel Studios is rumored to be working on a solo project for a new villain never seen before in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Villain-centric projects for Marvel are a rare thing and also relatively new for the MCU. First, there was Loki (if taking it into character even counts as villainous), and then it will be Agatha: Coven of Chaos—which are both Disney+ shows.

There are many villains that fans want to see in their own projects, whether it’s a movie, show, or special performance. Some of those candidates include characters like Doctor Doom, Kang the Conqueror, or even the late Thanos.

So far, none of those possibilities appear to be forthcoming. Instead, the spotlight may be shining on someone else who is expected to take center stage soon.

The Sentry Project is rumored to be in Development

Marvel Sentry hero

According to insider Daniel Richtman, Marvel Studios is working on a Sentry solo project.

Sentry is known as a Superman-like figure in the comics who gets his powers from a serum connected to the same creator of Steve Rogers’ Captain America.

Generally, when he’s remembered by the public (global memory wipes happen here and there for classic, convoluted comic book reasons), he’s a hero. However, he has a dark side—one that has a physical manifestation and is called the Void. These Void power levels are off the charts and are often considered a threat to humanity as a whole.

Back in November, rumors surfaced saying that the MCU’s Thunderbolts would face an antagonistic Sentry in their upcoming film, a character who “a villain and villain power… [akin to an] evil Superman.”

This means that the rumored project will be a direct spinoff from the big misfit team-up in 2024.

What Kind of Project Is This?

For many, Sentry is far from the top pick for contenders when it comes to getting more villain-centered projects.

If a project centered on him is, in fact, down the pipeline, it is clear Marvel has a lot of faith in his potential, and he is likely to be tied to the Multiverse Saga more than fans might think.

But will the project focus on the character as a hero, villain, or both? As previously mentioned, Robert Reynolds has both a good and a bad persona—so there’s a lot of creative freedom to create an intriguing and rewarding story.

It’s unclear what format this project will take, but given how packed the upcoming slate is and the changes that are allegedly happening behind the scenes at Marvel Studios, it’s likely that there will be a Special Presentation.

Thunders is slated to hit theaters on July 26, 2024.


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