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Avengers villain Kang the Conqueror may be the MCU’s next big bad, but Ant-Man deserves a more fitting comic book adversary from the Quantum Realm.

The MCU launches next year Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, It looks like the titular pint-sized Avengers will face off against the legendary Marvel Comics villain You are the Conqueror (played by actor Jonathan Majors). While Kang has been an adversary who has threatened the likes of Ant-Man and other Avengers on many occasions, there is a way more fitting villain who should by rights be described as the leader of the Quantum Realm – Psycho-Man .

An armored villain who commands the emotions of others, Psycho-Man is one of Marvel’s more disturbing sci-fi villains. A scientific dictator, Psycho-Man boasts a Control Box that causes others to be overcome by negative emotions such as doubt and fear. What makes Psycho-Man special compared to many of Marvel’s psychic villains is that his weapon works on any creature that can sense emotions, regardless of their power, meaning that with the push of a button, he can effortlessly- even Power Cosmic wielders, such as Silver Surfer and Terrax, are hard to fall. It also has a significant area of ​​effect, allowing Psycho-Man to dominate entire societies, forcing them to live in fear of his displeasure or desperately want to please him.


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Psycho-Man is an obvious foil for Ant-Man due to his own diminutive size. While the Microverse (aka the Quantum Realm) isn’t actually smaller than the normal Marvel reality, it is is accessible only by contraction between molecules. So, when Psycho-Man ‘ascends’ through the dimensional levels on Earth, he appears in a diminutive size, and has to build an android suit of armor to deal with humans on their own terms. Despite his diminutive size, Psycho-Man is a formidable threat, confronting the cosmic forces of the Marvel Universe – exactly the kind of villain that’s particularly impressive for pint-sized heroes like Ant -Man and Wasp to defeat.

Psycho-Man deserves the MCU Spotlight

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Fans have waited a long, long time to see Psycho-Man get the respect he deserves, and his powers actually map onto some modern themes like the spread of fake news and political fear mongering. . The Microverse is a vast universe of scattered planets that largely obey the law, but Psycho-Man has managed to repeatedly conquer world after world. If he existed in the same dimension as Marvel’s heroes, he would be one of the greatest powers in the universe. Existence in the Microverse is a double-edged sword for the character – he’s one of Marvel’s most successful tyrants, but appears less often than characters like Kang.

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One last hope remains, as the MCU sets up Kang to exist in many different timelines, with each version leading to a cross-multiverse war. Kang the Conqueror stepping into Psycho-Man’s usual position as the fascist leader of the Quantum Realm creates the possibility that the characters could merge, bringing Psycho-Man at least in spirit to the big screen – or perhaps in defeat. You, ant man and Wasp might just create a power vacuum for Psycho-Man to fill – fans of the classic comic can only live in hope.

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