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A NURSERY where children enjoy scavenger hunts and make crafts with dough has been rated good by education watchdogs.

Mini Marvels Nursery in Witham achieved its Ofsted inspection rating.

The report has glowing praise for children and the nursery environment.

It said: “Children are excited and happy when they arrive at the nursery and are welcomed by helpful and caring staff.

“They are eager to investigate the activities provided and quickly negotiate with their friends.

“Children explore natural materials that engage all of their senses. For example, children have great fun exploring different natural materials that they have previously collected on a ‘scavenger hunt’.

“They discuss pinecones and feathers, and make crafts with dough.”

The report has similar praise for staff and management.

The report continued: “Good staff ask questions that stimulate children’s thinking, and they carefully give children time to respond.

“The nursery is fully inclusive, and all children are making excellent progress, including those who need extra support.

“The manager is passionate about his role. He demonstrates his commitment to providing children with a variety of quality experiences and activities that they can learn from.

“There is a strong focus and commitment to continuous review to ensure that outcomes and experiences for children continue to improve.

“Staff comment on how much they enjoy their work and feel valued and feel that their individual skills are accepted and recognized by the manager.”

Inspectors also praised the curriculum, saying: “Staff provide a varied curriculum for children with many opportunities to advance their language skills”.

Nursery manager Claire Micallef said: “The whole experience was really positive. The inspector was really lovely and put me at ease, so it’s really a reflection of who we are as a team.

“It’s just amazing to have such a positive experience and what you’re doing is the best for the kids and it shows.

“It’s also great to hear the team’s positive comments about me. I set up Mini Marvels on a grant from the council seven years ago, so it’s a real community project.

“Ofsted is something you’re usually afraid of or nervous about, but we had such good preparation that we really came together as a team, I’m proud of everyone.”


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