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An epic new Morbius The cosplay shows that the vampire antihero is still full of potential. Long considered a cult character, with a history spanning 50 years, Morbius made the leap into the mainstream this year. Morbius live-action film, starring Jared Leto. The film was not a commercial success, and was panned by critics who called out its weak story and Leto’s performance. However, there’s still plenty of potential left in Living Vampire, as cosplayer SnooBeans3004 attests.


Morbius entered the Marvel Universe in the 1971’s Amazing Spider-Man #101, created by Roy Thomas and Gil Kane. Unlike traditional vampires, Morbius was created through science; Nobel Prize-winning scientist Michael Morbius, who was born with a rare blood disorder, attempted an experimental treatment on himself, derived from vampire bats. The process turns him into a “living vampire,” giving him a bloodlust as well as super strength and agility; nor could he operate during the day. Since then, Morbius has straddled the line between hero and villain, often aiding Spider-Man and other Marvel horror-based heroes. In 2022, one year after the characters’ 50th anniversary, he made his live-action debut, as part of Sony’s Spider-Man movie universe. The film flopped at the box office, making it the subject of many memes. However, fans still hoping for an epic take on Morbius look no further than SnooBeans3004’s new cosplay.

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In a post on r/cosplay on Reddit, SnooBeans3004 revealed the shoot. SnooBeans nailed Morbius’ comic book look, complete with white face and long, stringy hair; Morbius’ fangs are bared, and he emerges from the shadows, no doubt ready to feast on the city’s criminal element. Morbius is dressed in everyday street clothes, meaning he could be on the lam from Spider-Man or other heroes again. The photo shoot garnered praise from fans, who gave it a 92 percent upvote.

Although Morbius’ first feature film was a critical and commercial failure, the character still has a lot of potential left, as SnooBeans3004 proves in their excellent new cosplay shoot. As stated earlier, Morbius has a rich history in Marvel Comics, and he has a unique place among the publisher’s other horror-based heroes, as he was created through science rather than witchcraft. Morbius’ struggles to curb his lust for blood and direct it to those who truly deserve it have driven his stories for over 50 years; he has teamed up with Spider-Man and others on several occasions. But his film fails to tap into what makes the character cold, diminishes his story and shortchanges him in the process.

However, the SnooBeans cosplay shows that Morbius still has it. In one image, SnooBeans captures Morbius perfectly, showing the forces of light and shadow playing within him. There’s more to it Morbius spirit in this cosplay shoot than his feature film, proving that Marvel’s vampire anti-hero still has potential.

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