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Apple’s legal troubles in Europe seem to continue, as the iPhone maker recently received a new fine from France worth a little over one million dollars.

The French commercial court went on to allege how the tech giant presented some commercial clauses against developers that are abusive in nature.

As recently confirmed by Reuters, this particular ruling means that the company has to pay out the designated amount which is almost $1 million due to the decisions it makes while running its App Store.

Fortunately, the firm isn’t being asked to do anything major like making changes to its App Store. In the recent past, we have seen how the EU Digital Markets Acts forced Apple to change its guidelines in this regard.

Apple recently spoke to the media outlet and highlighted how it would appeal against such a decision made by French officials. It likewise detailed how the company really assisted so many developers from France to get ahead and share a passion and a bit of creativity with users from all over the world. The firm similarly outlined how its App Store is not only secure but very trusted in terms of its customers.

While the fine may seem irrelevant at first, it certainly increases the pressure on the firm to further force it to open up a new iOS-based ecosystem that is coming under scrutiny from around the world.

Apple’s woes in France don’t end there. We saw the company being fined for the fifth time in a country like the Netherlands for not obeying local laws in the country, forcing the company to enable some apps across the App Store to use different methods to suggest for payments. And here the value of the fines imposed is greater than $5 million.

At the start of 2022, the DMA coming out of the EU indicated more trouble for Apple. This forced the iPhone maker to enable apps in the App Store to use payment methods belonging to various third parties. This paves the way for loading apps on both iOS and iMessage functionality across multiple messaging platforms.

A document has finally come to light relating to the agreement reached regarding antitrust laws in continental Europe. Initially, it was not exactly clear whether the tech giant would be included in this, but now it has been confirmed how Apple would be held responsible as well, along with other firms.

As it is, the company is secretly working on enabling different app stores to function on iOS devices. Likewise, it allowed for the opening of private APIs to third-party developers. Likewise, the report spoke of Apple having no plans to turn its iMessage feature into a more cross-platform compatible service out there or simply adopt a standard tied to RCS. Such changes can be expected during the early part of 2023 along with the launch of iOS 17.

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