Myanmar’s rebels are moving weapons across Mizoram to fight junta, security forces in the Northeast say | Popgen Tech


It has been known for some time that the insurgents in Northeast India have been using neighboring Myanmar for shelter and training to wage armed battles in the region.

However, security agencies in the region have recently stated that they have begun to witness a “reverse trend”, where rebel groups in Myanmar are now using Mizoram to arrange and transport weapons and equipment to aid their fight against the military. the junta who usurped the elected government last year.

Security officials stationed in Mizoram said DH that over the past two months, hand grenades, crude explosives, bullets, bulletproof vests, satellite phones and other communication devices have been seized in at least four different cases while being smuggled into Myanmar. “Investigation of the cases related to the recovery of the articles revealed that the armed groups fighting against the military are trying to arrange the weapons, in order to intensify the armed fight against the military. Thus, vigilance was intensified on the border Indo-Myanmar are in the Northeast to ensure that Indian soil cannot be used for any illegal activities, be it here or abroad,” a security official said.

Myanmar, which has seen occasional trouble since the military junta staged a coup last year, shares a 1,643 km border with India along with Mizoram, Manipur, Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh.

In February last year, the military launched a crackdown on pro-democracy protesters, forcing more than 30,000 Myanmar citizens including MPs, MPs and police personnel to flee and take refuge in Mizoram, a state that shares 510km of border with the country. the military.

A fresh cache of arms was recovered on Sunday from Mizoram’s Siaha district by the Assam Rifles while being transported to Myanmar. A team of Assam Rifles and Mizoram Police intercepted vehicles and seized the items in Tuipang village. Assam Rifles said in a statement on Sunday, “The items recovered were of military grade and hence the same used for anti-national activities against own people, by insurgents based in Myanmar,” cannot be ruled out.

Items include a rifle, gelatin stick, combat backpack, combat clothing, gloves and shoes. Four people were arrested and a Chinese motorcycle was also seized.

Similarly, on October 26, Assam Rifles and Mizoram police seized another cache of equipment and weapons including satellite phones, guns, batteries, batteries and others from Niawthlang village in Siaha district. Four people have been arrested in this case.

Assam Rifles sources said that more than 20 Myanmar nationals have been arrested in recent months in Mizoram alone for their alleged involvement in smuggling arms, drugs, gold, betel nut and other items. “We have asked the local administration to make proper documentation of the Myanmar nationals who keep coming to Mizoram due to the conflicts in Myanmar,” said an Assam Rifles official.

The National Investigation Agency, which investigated a case related to the recovery of 2,400 kg of explosives in Mizoram in January, said on September 14 that the consignment was meant for the Chin National Front, an anti-military group in Myanmar. .


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