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Start of Clausura 2023 just around the corner, and the teams are already in the preseason. Some like Necaxa take part in the Sky Cup, which will end on December 30, and will then give their players a breather ahead of the competition which starts on Friday 6th January.

Nekasa nodded to Don Ramon

Different teams started showing up for the new tournament kits they will wear and one of them Necaxa offers something special, in honor of Chavo del 8’s character, Don Ramon.

They made an announcement on their social media, as did their sponsor, the last of the videos featuring Ramón Valdez’s character like a caricature.

Don Ramon and his fanaticism for Necaxa

Don Ramon was part of the cast of characters of the program El Chavo del 8, created by Roberto Gómez Balaños. It was a man who lived with his daughter La Chilindrina. He didn’t have a steady job but he sold churros, water, participated in boxing, American football, singing, and excelled as a musician, master builder, and more. In various episodes, he made it clear that his favorite Mexican soccer team is Necaxa. In fact, whenever the camera entered his apartment, the pennant of the team that was then playing in Mexico City was visible in the background.

The new uniform was not brought out in front of the Cougars

On December 20 this year, the day the new kit was announced, Necaxa played their second Sky Cup match, against Pumas. However, they did not use the new commemorative shirt, instead comes out with a blue alternative; fans will have to wait until Clausura 2023 starts to release the new version.

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