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US vehicles are bigger than UK ones right? Well, while US-based car buyers do love their massive pickup trucks and SUVs, not every machine produced there has giant dimensions: check out the new Mullen I-Go, a small American-built machine delivery vehicle designed specifically for Europe is.

California-based Mullen Automotive is a relatively new EV startup that is developing a lineup of vehicles, including a planned crossover called the Five. It is also developing a range of electric vans and other goods vehicles – and the I-Go is the smallest of them.

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Essentially, it’s a boxy delivery vehicle designed for use in crowded European cities: it has a wheelbase of 2438mm and a curb weight of 795kg. It is powered by a 34kW motor that drives the rear wheels and gives a top speed of 62mph. Power comes from a 16.5 kWh battery that gives a claimed range of around 124 miles.

Intended for last-mile deliveries, Mullen claims the I-Go is homologated and certified to EU standards, and ready for sale in several countries, including the UK. The I-Go costs $11,999 (£9900) plus VAT and local transport charges.

The first I-Go models to arrive in Europe will arrive at Irish car dealer Newgate Motor Group in January 2023. Newgate, which is based in Navan, will act as the I-Go’s sales agent in the UK and Ireland.

Mullen boss David Michery said: “The I-Go is an excellent alternative vehicle for delivery in dense European metro cities.”


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