‘New Mutants Lethal Legion’ Propels Escapade into a World of Mutants & Monsters | Popgen Tech


Best-selling writer Charlie Jane Anders returns with an all-new New Mutants adventure starring Wolfsbane, Karma, Escapade, and more.

After his introduction in MARVEL’S VOICES: PRIDE (2022) #1, Marvel’s new trans mutant Super Hero stars in his own NEW MUTANTS (2019) storyline by Anders and Alberto Alburquerque. Beginning in issue #31, Escapade arrives in Krakoa and battles the U-Men with his best friend Morgan and their flying turtle Hibbert, as well as Wolfsbane, Cerebella, and Leo. Now, Anders will push Escapade into a five-issue miniseries: NEW MUTANTS LETHAL LEGION.

On March 8, Anders and rising superstar artist Enid Balám will launch NEW MUTANTS LETHAL LEGION, pitting the Escapade and New Mutants against an all-new team of Super Villains called the Lethal Legion. But who is behind the Lethal Legion? Has Krakoa’s youngest class met its match? Everything leads to the Fall of X – don’t sleep at the beginning.

“I had so much fun writing a few issues of NEW MUTANTS, I didn’t want to get off this ride. So I was thrilled when Marvel asked me to do a whole NEW MUTANTS miniseries of my own, where I could stretch out. and explore these characters more deeply,” Anders told Out.com. “After the dark, scary storyline in ‘The Sublime Saga,’ I’m eager to switch gears and do something funnier and lighter, and it’s an absolute blast playing in the Marvel Universe.”

“I really liked exploring the classic NEW MUTANTS themes of growing old, dealing with trauma, and making a lot of mistakes,” he added. “And of course, I’m excited to write more stories for Escapade, Morgan, and Hibbert and show how they continue to find their place in a world of mutants and monsters.”


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