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The 2023 class of Marvel Stormbreaker artists are bringing and showcasing their incredible talents to your favorite comic series and characters through a variety of cover projects in the coming year.

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This year’s class features a diverse line-up of illustrators who continue to break the mold, and each month they’ll get the chance to flex their skills with an exciting themed variant cover collection.

March’s Stormbreakers Variant Covers, fans will see their favorite heroes in illustrations inspired by art movements throughout history. A perfect spotlight of the raw talent represented by these eight artists, these visually stunning and unique covers feature on some of Marvel’s hottest titles.

Here are the art movements each artist chose to celebrate:

CF Villa: Mexican MuralismSPIDER-GWEN: SHADOW CLONES #1

Elena Casagrande: Russian Fairytale Art – X-23: DEADLY REGENESIS #1

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Martin Coccolo: Pinturas Negras – DOCTOR STRANGE #1

Lucas Werneck: Art Nouveau – ROGUE & GAMBIT #1

Jan Bazaldua: Surrealism – AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #21

Chris Allen: Dada – HALLOWS’ EVE #1

Federico Vicentini: Pop Art – AVENGERS #66

Nic Klein: German Renaissance – SPIDER-MAN: UNPARGIVEN #1

On sale March 1, 2023:

  • AVENGERS #66

On SaleMarch 8, 2023:


On sale March 22, 2023:

Stay tuned for more Stormbreakers Variant Covers to be revealed in the coming months from Marvel Comics

NEWS WATCH: Marvel’s 2023 Stormbreaker Artists Pay Tribute to Famous Art Movements in March

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