Provisional Staff Corps holds its First General Assembly Session in Aizawl | Popgen Tech


Temporary Employees Association of Mizoram (PEAM) today organized its first General Assembly session at Vanapa Hall in Aizawl.

At the Assembly, the Deputy Chief Minister, who also serves as the DP & AR portfolio, congratulated the association for their first General Assembly, and stated that the Provisional Staff, formally referred to as Muster Roll Staff have been given TA/DA , medical reimbursement from 4% of wages, in accordance with the PE Guidelines – notified in March 2020.

Tawnluia informed that there are three departments in the state government, which have more than 1000 PE Employees viz. Department of Power and Electricity-1780 PE, PHE-2110 PE and PWD 1100 PE.

The Minister added that the state administration at the end of the unprecedented time of the COVID-19 pandemic and the austerity measures, almost 900 Temporary Employees from the current 8112 PE have been regularized in accordance with the conditions.


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