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Some fans think Rebel Wilson’s new clothing line isn’t quite perfect.

The Aussie actress launched her new loungewear label R&R Club with partner Ramona Agruma earlier this month, but many on social media noticed that the brand’s styles, which include a $179 hoodie and $149 sweatpants, are only available in sizes from XS to XL.

“Can we talk about the lack of size inclusivity in the new Rebel Wilson brand??? wtf,” creator Destiny Ann asked her TikTok followers over the weekend.

“I don’t understand how someone who’s been a plus size for most of their career and most of their life – someone who knows it’s hard to be fat and buy clothes and find them in your size – I don’t understand I don’t understand how can someone with that kind of education and that kind of knowledge put out a brand that only reaches XL,” Destiny Ann said in the critical clip.

The TikToker, who describes herself as “UR FAT POSI BIG SIS” in her bio, noted that offering a wide range of sizes is indeed more expensive for brands, but claimed: “It’s Rebel Wilson, okay? She got the money!”

Noting the “irony of a rebel launching a clothing line they wouldn’t even be able to buy” in her caption, Destiny Ann ended her clip by calling R&R Club’s limited size “so disappointing” — and commenters agreed.

“She’s distancing herself from the person she used to be,” wrote one. Another recalls, “She used to have a very successful plus-size line BECAUSE she knew how hard it was,” calling the R&R Club sizes a “HUGE disappointment.”

Indeed, the 42-year-old “Senior Year” star previously collaborated with popular plus-size retailer Torrid and even launched her own plus-size line in 2017 called Rebel Wilson x Angels.

TikTok creator Lacey-Jade Christie, meanwhile, made a video asking: “Rebel! why did you forget about us?!” and said she was “shocked and overwhelmed” by the range of R&R Club sizes.

“I know she’s not fat anymore, but the fat community has supported Rebel Wilson throughout her career. She cashed in on being a fat person, a fat character,” Christie added.

After starting a “year of health” in early 2020, Wilson lost approximately 80 pounds.

On Twitter, reaction to R&R Club’s limited size was largely the same, with user Stephanie Yeboa chirping that “ex-fat people can sometimes be the worst when it comes to fatphobia and/or exclusion.”

The name R&R Club is a reference to the first initials of Wilson and Agruma, as well as the concept of rest and relaxation.

Rebel Wilson with her partner
The star of “Oldies” and her partner gave birth to a daughter together.

In June, the How to Be Single actress came out as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, writing on Instagram at the time: “I thought I was looking for a Disney Prince… but maybe what I really needed all along was a Disney Princess Prince 💗 🌈💗#loveislove.”

In November, after seven months of dating, the designer couple had a daughter, Royce Lilian, through a surrogate mother.


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