Risk takers deliver food and clothes to the homeless in London on Sunday | Popgen Tech


Dozens of Londoners in the east end of the city got a boost on Sunday morning.

“It’s a big deal because there’s not a lot of resources on Sundays,” said Kim Sessions, who now lives on the streets.

Sessions, who called homelessness “a 24-hour job,” was grateful for a new coat, sleeping bag and winter boots. She said she rarely sleeps for fear of being robbed.

“We’ll get a set of sleeping bags and they’ll be gone the next day,” Sessions said. “So we have to get more, and then just because someone is cold, we take our stuff and then we get new stuff. So it’s kind of a circle.”

The Risk Takers are a treatment and recovery group, and they prepared meals and distributed donations.

“A lot of us have a past,” said Shane Connors, the group’s founder.

Members of the Risk Takers organization distribute food and clothing near Dundas and Lyle Streets in London, ON. December 18, 2022 (Brent Lale/CTV News London)

He added: “Some of us were outside. We struggle with mental illness and many of us have overcome drug addiction. So we all tried to bring positivity to the community together. We offer them food, hygiene products, and we also want to keep them warm.”

Their generosity did not go unnoticed.

“I got a good pair of pants here and a shirt and gloves, so I’m grateful,” said Van McLeod, who has a roof over his head but is always grateful for a hot cup of coffee.

Matt Devlin got a brand new winter coat and is grateful to have just landed a spot at Men’s Mission.

“Now I can make a plan,” Devlin said. “I can work ahead because you know outside you don’t even have time to think about a plan or a strategy or your future. You live day by day, minute by minute.”

Organizers said they plan to hold another event at Christmas and anyone who wants to donate food or clothing can contact them on Facebook.

“We always try to do it at times when they need help the most,” Connors said. “This is where depression can increase. We would like to show them that there is hope. ”


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