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Samsung Electronics has equipped the new flagship attraction, “Chasseurs de Tornades” (Tornado Hunters), at the Futuroscope theme park in Poitiers, France, with innovative technology to bring an immersive and lifelike experience to guests. Samsung’s collaboration with Futuroscope Management and Development (FMD) helped bring the breathtaking attraction to life, making the signage installed by Samsung the largest 360-degree circular LED display in Europe.

The new attraction, Chasseurs the Tornades, is the result of four years of diligent work between the FMD team and Samsung, an industry leader in the global signage market for the past 13 consecutive years.1 The collaboration has produced a completely immersive listening experience through the use of the latest audio-visual technology.

The concept behind the attraction is an exciting adventure where viewers confront nature’s most extreme elements and immerse themselves in an immersive whirlwind experience created by Samsung. Based on the story of Chasseurs de Tornades, visitors follow a team of researchers in their all-terrain vehicle in search of tornadoes.

Sitting atop a dynamic rotating platform, guests come face to face with the intensity of a powerful tornado on the largest circular LED wall in Europe. The enormous Samsung LED wall is 17 meters in diameter and eight meters high with a total area of ​​420 square meters, making it the largest LED display of this type in a theme park installed by Samsung in the world.

▲ Behind the seats are removable LED walls, enabling actors to perform in the open space.

Collectively, it consists of 800 LED cabinets from the Samsung Indoor IFR range and offers 21K resolution for hyper-realistic immersion. Thanks to HDR LED technology, scenes are optimized for high contrast to display detailed, lifelike images. The maximum peak light output is 2,400 nits, and the static contrast ratio is 12,000:1, allowing for premium image quality.

The attraction itself is a dynamic motion theater with 120 seats surrounded by the 360-degree LED screen. Four sections of the screen move down to allow the audience to enter and exit, as well as to view two live stage performances through the sliding doors. The flexible design features of the IFR solution make it suitable for any location, perfectly aligned with the circular dimensions required for this unique attraction. In addition, the IFR solution offers double the power supply, giving the attraction greater reliability.

▲ The view from the technical room, showing the attraction’s platform supported by three axles that help it lift, rotate 360⁰ and move in three different directions at once.

A highlight of the attraction is the removable LED walls where actors perform a part of the attraction that Samsung has chosen to perform with an LED display consisting of 105 cabinets. To create a truly immersive experience for guests from the moment they enter the attraction, Samsung equipped the “pre-screening” area with 20 LED cabinets to create an optical theater known as a “hologram .”

“The circular display we installed at Futuroscope is the largest LED project we have completed,” says Jeremy Taghon, head of CE B2B division at Samsung Electronics France. “I am impressed by and grateful for the hard work and partnership between FMD and Samsung that has brought this important technological milestone to life.”

“The contrast ratio, the image, the sharpness, it’s just incredible. An attraction like this is made to last at least 15 years, and LED is the only technology that is durable enough,” says Yannis Marchet, Development and Projects Director at FMD. “When the management agreed that we could work with Samsung, everything went smoothly.”

The attraction won several international awards in 2022, including “Best New Ride” at the European Star Awards and “Best Product Innovation” as well as “Best Dark Ride or Media-Based Experience” at the ParkWorld Excellence Awards. Most recently, it won “Outstanding Performance” from the Themed Entertainment Association, an award considered the prize for the best attraction in the world.

By installing the largest 360-degree circular LED boards in Europe, Samsung enabled FMD to wow Futuroscope guests with a mesmerizing audio-visual experience unlike any other.

Watch the full video about Samsung’s innovative installations at the Futuroscope here:

1 Samsung has been the number 1 seller of digital signage by Omdia for 13 consecutive years. (Note: Consumer TVs, along with Commercial Lite and Hospitality TVs used for signage are excluded.)


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