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Traffic congestion is a problem in almost every city in the world. The situation worsens if a car owner shows impatience in the traffic which leads to an indefinite stop sometimes. However, there is one city in the country that has impressed the netizens by telling the world how traffic on the roads can be managed well. Aizawl is the capital of Mizoram. An aerial view of the city’s traffic has gone viral, winning praise on social media.

The video shows cars parked on the side of the road one after the other. Several other vehicles are seen moving behind each other without hurrying, honking or trying to overtake each other.

In another line, two-wheelers are seen moving peacefully and all the passengers are wearing helmets.

The clip was shared by Instagram user Elizabeth, allegedly a travel blogger, last month.

He captioned the video, “If you live in India or have been to any Indian city, you probably know how extreme traffic jams can be. Everyone is selfishly trying to get their own way even when there is absolutely no room left. on the road! not to mention honking mercilessly when we obviously know that just waiting quietly is all we have to do. (Don’t get me wrong I love my country but this is something we need to fix. And it all starts and us)

But here in Aizawl, everyone calmly waits for their own turn with zero horn. Something adopted in every Indian city?”

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