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The focus continues on the great characters that defined Wakanda, taking us back to the time at the heart of Killmonger A terrifying story that explores his early days under the thumb of Ulysses Klaw, and the first foundation of the man who will one day bear a scar for each of his murders…Plus, the third chapter of Evan Narcisse and Natacha Bustos’ History of the Black Panthers, which focuses on the mysterious Nehanda as he is with Medieval Avengers!
Written by Ho Chen Anderson, Evan Narcisse

Art by Sean Hill, Natacha Bustos

Colors by Andrew Dalhouse, Jordie Bellaire

Letters of Joe Sabino

Find this and other amazing titles at your local comic shop and favorite digital platforms this Wednesday December 21st, 2022!

SNEAK PEEK: Preview of Marvel’s WAKANDA #3 (Sale 12/21!)

Author: B. Radtz

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