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Marvel Trivia 15: 'Spider-Man' Tom Holland May Have To Fight Buddie 'Ned Leeds' Jacob Batalon Soon?  Here's Why We Can!
Marvel Trivia 15: Is Spider-Man’s Bestie Ned Leeds A Potential Super Villain? Here’s Why We Think Tom Holland and Jacob Batalon May Clash (Photo Credit – A Still From Spider-Man: Homecoming )

If there’s one friendship in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that we all love, it has to be the one shared by ‘Spider-Man’ Peter Parker and Ned Leeds. Played by Tom Holland and Jacob Batalon respectively, the character’s bromance has been one of the highlights of all of Spidey’s solo films. But what if we tell you – these BFFs can turn into mortal enemies in no time…

Before you pounce on us and ask how we could make such a comment on a friendship that has proven to be so strong – there’s a fun theory. And the theory comes from the OG material – Marvel Comics. Read on to know all about it

While recently scrolling through Instagram and looking for some Marvel facts and trivia, we came across a crazy theory that suggests Jacob Batalon’s Ned Leeds could be a supervillain to Tom Holland’s Peter Parker aka Spider-Man. Shared by Insta page supermacy_editz_7, the video anchor suggests that he realized Ned’s potential evil side while watching Spider-Man: No Way Home.

The video, which begins with a still from the aforementioned film, features Dr Strange and Tom Holland’s character fighting in the mirror world after spidey villains from other universes invade Earth 616. subtitle in the video after that reads “If Spider- Man’s best friend is always his enemy…” while a montage of moments spent between Tobey Maguire’s character and James Franco’s Harry Osborn as well Andrew Garfield’s Spidey and Dane DeHaan’s Harry also play in. The next text in the video reads, “Will Ned be his enemy too?”

Well, answering their own question, the video shows a screengrab of Hobgoblin’s Wikipedia page with the text “He’s in the comics…” It then zooms in on the supervillain’s alias names including a reading Ned Leeds. Not only that. An image of Jacob Batalon posing with the same action figure was also posted online. Check out the cool theory video here:

Do you think Jacob Batalon’s Ned Leeds will be a rival to Tom Holland’s Spider-Man? Let us know in the comments.

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