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In the latest issue of Marvel Comics’ Amazing Spider-Man and Dark Web tie-in, Venom returns to battle the iconic Webslinger (just like the old days).

Warning! This post contains SPOILERS for Amazing Spider-Man #15

In the latest issue of Marvel Comics’ Amazing Spider-Man and Dark Web tie-in, the classic and more monstrous version of poison back to fight Peter Parker (just like old times). While Eddie Brock has been a hero for years and becomes the new King in Black, Spider-Man’s evil clone Chasm and Jean Grey’s clone Madelyne Pryor take the Lethal Protector back to his past when he was a to the deadliest Webslinger. opponents.


As seen in the new Amazing Spider-Man #15 from Zeb Wells and Ed McGuinness, Spider-Man is shocked to find his clone Ben Reilly alive (though not very well). Having lost his copied memories from Peter and become corrupted after falling into a pool of psychoactive goo, Ben Reilly is now Chasm. More of an evil clone of Spider-Man than a hero in his own right, Ben is now determined to steal Spider-Man’s soul and recover the lost memories of the new Marvel. Dark Web crossover. While he made an alliance with Pyror’s Goblin Queen and her demon army, they also made a deal with Venom with a promise to help find his son. However, Eddie doesn’t expect to be their puppet, which results in an even bigger surprise for Spider-Man when Venom arrives and tries to eat his brain.

Venom Is A Great Villain Again (How Long Will It Take?)

Monster Venom Returns To Fight Spider-Man On The Dark Web

While it’s unclear what exactly Chasm and Pryor did with Venom, this classic transformation back into a villain is the fatal cherry on top for Peter Parker’s Spider-Man trying to face the invading demon army in New York thanks to the Goblin Queen. It sure has been a while since Peter Parker had to fight Venom. After all, the two have been allies for years, and it wasn’t that long ago that Captain America recommended Venom for the Avengers.

In any case, Venom taking on Spider-Man is an epic walk down memory lane. It was actually a showdown that few thought would ever be seen again outside of the movies (whenever Sony Pictures decided to finally release it to their movie counterparts). Combined with other classic elements such as a new Clone Conspiracy and demons from Limbo invading New York as a new Inferno, Dark Web is definitely an event of remixed nostalgia.

While Venom’s return probably won’t last long, it will be interesting to see how long he wants to eat Spider-Man’s brain as Marvel’s. Dark Web event continues. Then again, it would be exciting if Spider-Man could find a way to serve up the current era poison back, having a key ally that will be a huge help in fighting all the demonic hordes (and Chasm himself). Amazing Spider-Man #15 is on sale now from Marvel Comics.

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