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Whether it’s a Marvel movie or a video game, doing justice to the main heroic characters and storylines that fans adore is always the number one goal. Marvel’s Avengers, Spider-Man, and Guardians of the Galaxy feature fantastic and terrifying dialogue that effectively succeeds in bringing the characters to life. Now, Marvel’s Midnight Suns are here to join their ranks.

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Midnight Suns offers a different style of gameplay for a Marvel game, focusing its combat system on turn-based and deck-building mechanics, but remaining as story-driven as ever. It has quite a few different characters throughout the Marvel Universe, each one guaranteed to drop a super unique fun quote. And some could rival those in the Guardians.

Midnight Suns story spoilers ahead.


10/10 “I Won’t Howl At The Moon Any Time Soon Hunter.” – Magic

Magik is talking to Hunter and has his arms crossed in disbelief that they think he's going to be a wolf.

These strange words from Magik he sarcastically tries to help explain to the newly arrived Hunter what mutants are and how each one is different. Hunter hasn’t been alive for 300 years and has just met Sabretooth and Wolverine, both referred to as “beasts.” And then Hunter asks if Magik is like them because of his mutant status.

Considering that Sabretooth and Wolverine’s abilities are tied to animals, Hunter believes that he is the same. Magik harshly replies that he won’t be howling at the moon anytime soon, cleverly and humorously saying that he is a different mutant and has no animal traits in him, like a wolf.

9/10 “Say, For A Haunted Transian Castle Raised On The Cursed Grounds Of Old Salem, It’s Pretty Clear.” – Nico

Exterior view of The Abbey surrounded by extensive trees and forest.

What the Belfry is to the Gotham Knights, the Abbey is to the Midnight Suns. The latter, however, makes for a more optimal base of operations because you can add upgrades to it and your teams. And it looks pretty comfortable too, according to fellow Midnight Sun member Nico Minoru.

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This line of dialogue comes up when Hunter has just woken up from the dead, and Nico greets them by giving them a tour of the new lodging. He points out that everything about being Transian, haunted, and in a town associated with witchcraft is about as bad a horror as it gets for a home, but still fun to live in.

Nico looks sour and shocked to be referred to as a

Nico definitely has some of the funniest comments in the lineup of characters, and this is an example of another that is told a little further into the story. At this point, Bruce Banner is under Lilith’s spell and working against the main cast to further her agenda. They go to confront him, and he gives an unpleasant greeting.

Saying this, Nico expresses his frustration with Bruce for not being able to remember his name and only referring to him as one of his “friends”. He pleads that since he follows her on Superlink, a social media platform exclusively for superheroes, he needs to know her name.

7/10 “I Should Really Raise My Homeowners Insurance.” – Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange reacts to the Hydra coming through the portal to the Sanctum Santorum.

Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange is playable and still resides in the Sanctum Sanctorum, which has seen a lot of superhero action over the years resulting in destruction. Especially in the Midnight Suns openings when Lilith opens a portal for the Hydra Soldiers to enter the compound.

Raising home owner insurance brings humor and sarcasm from Strange, or Spooky as Hunter likes to call him, who is usually serious and businesslike. He said increasing Sanctum’s insurance could help pay for the higher cost of damages that could potentially come from this fight.

6/10 “Here’s A Special Request From All Of New York To You, Our Baddest Attacker Since Thanos…” – Spider-Man

Spiderman stands near the roof of a building speaking into a microphone next to a set of large speakers.

Microphone in hand and near multiple speakers, Spider-Man says this quote directly to Venom before using the feedback to weaken him. Venom was also damaged by Lilith’s magic, making him Fallen Venom, so he has more strength and power in the game.

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Spider-Man cleverly means it’s an insult to Venom to get his attention but delivers it as if he’s speaking for the entire city, which is probably their exact sentiment regardless. He also takes an opportunity to mention Thanos, a villain who attacked New York during The Avengers saga.

5/10 “You smell… Wrong.” – Wolverine

Wolverine meets Hunter for the first time and prepares to battle Sabretooth.

X-Men team member Wolverine also makes an appearance in the game to help you defeat the threat. A line where Wolverine mentions a person’s smell is not only perfect for its unique diction to add a bit of Wolverine silliness but also highlights his power of a heightened sense of smell.

The quote is aimed at none other than Hunter before the Sabretooth boss encounter. They are newly resurrected, so their smell should be completely absent from other humans and mutants. The word choice to use “wrong” instead of “different” or “strange” perfectly brings out the humor.

4/10 “You Know What They Say. All Work And No Play… Is How We Ended Up With Ultron.” – Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is looking at the Caretaker's virtual map table in The Abbey.

This is Captain Marvel’s way of getting Hunter to hang out with Stark and the rest of the Midnight Suns. The phrase “all work and no play” usually refers to the negative feeling of boredom you get from constant work, but it’s also a jab at Hank Pym (or Tony Stark, if you follow the MCU) for creating of the rogue AI Ultron .

Captain Marvel uses the analogy to dissuade Hunter from getting too caught up in work and saving the world like Tony with his continued inventions. If Iron Man had spent more time relaxing and less doing things, Ultron wreaking havoc could have been avoided.

3/10 “We invented Stealth.” – Blade

Blade looked sternly to the side after taking down a Hydra guard from above.

The slick vampire-slaying and shade-wearing Blade, who is half vampire himself, makes an exciting appearance in Midnight Suns as a member of the titular group. He is grumpy, comes across as more intimidating, and less cheerful than most of the other characters. And this personality shines through his dialogue.

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The moment, in particular, is when he joins Hunter and a fellow hero on a night mission to investigate what Hydra has smuggled out of their hole. Hunter suggests they go the stealth route, and Blade immediately charges in and knocks out a guard, then makes a stern claim that vampires invented stealth. Vampires are really stealthy, but his seriousness proves counterintuitive the next moment because of the turn-based combat.

2/10 “Don’t Be Ridiculous. It’s HulkSmash1234. Transmitting Now.” – Iron Man

Captain America questions Tony about the Hulk Smash passcode for the Arc Reactor.

One of the many fun interactions in the game is when Captain America and Iron Man discuss the prefix code needed to shut down the Arc Reactor during the battle at Avengers Tower. Tony Stark calls it the “ultimate safeguard” and then starts entering letters that seem to equal the phrase “Hulk Smash.”

Captain America is annoyed and interrupts Iron Man to say that the silly phrase better not be the important secret code, and Iron Man’s response is that it’s still incomplete and missing a classic 1234 next to it. The quote brilliantly conveys Iron Man’s charm and dry wit.

1/10 “You’re welcome, Robo-Man.” – Johnny Blaze

Johnny Blaze aka Ghost Rider riding a bike and leaving Iron Man and Doctor Strange.

Johnny Blaze, aka Ghost Rider, is one of the first characters you meet in Midnight Suns and is someone who is less kind and grumpy than Blade. Doctor Strange leads Iron Man to Johnny to try and recruit him in their fight against Lilith’s dark forces, but Johnny is unmoved.

However, those forces are already behind Iron Man and Doctor Strange, and before he can get on his bike, Johnny shoots the demon, saving their lives, and sends them this message. Johnny is unfamiliar with Iron Man and has a neat rebellious charm way of emphasizing this by designating him as “Robo-Man.”

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