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Comics are a unique art form that doesn’t often get the respect they deserve within popular culture, even among some Marvel fans, but Eternals does.

Warning: SPOILERS for AX: Judgment Day Omega #1!Count AX: Judgment Day finally near, the Eternals-centric epilogue takes a while to make one laugh Amazing fans who don’t appreciate comics. It seems like a joke made in good faith, provocative non-comic reading Marvel fans speak to the larger divide in Marvel fan communities. Overall, though, the comment isn’t directed so much at Marvel fans who don’t read comics, but at people who despise the medium as a whole. Where a crossover event like Judgment Day challenging the effectiveness of idealized superheroes in the face of real-world crises, the choice to celebrate comics as an art form adds nuance to the closing chapter.


While the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to serve as a mainstay in pop culture, Marvel fandom has seen itself transformed into a Venn diagram of Marvel Comics fans, Marvel Studios fans, and fans that overlap between the two. For movie fans only, comics are often considered esoteric and inaccessible to new readers. Conversely, many die-hard comic fans are disdainful of MCU theorists who hype adaptations of events or characters they have no concrete knowledge of (i.e. conflating Hulk’s son characters with Skaar and Hulkling after She-Hulk: Attorney at Law). Generally, these thoughts boil within the fan spaces, but the latter part of Judgment Day creates tension in the text.

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Judgment Day Every corner of Earth-616 was shaken, but the main part of the massive crossover was always the completion of the story that Kieron Gillen started with Esad Ribić in their 2021 Eternals book. Because of this, the Eternals are hoping for a surprising ending to the event in AX: Judgment Day Omega #1 from Kieron Gillen, Guiu Villanova, Andres Mossa, VC’s Clayton Cowles, and Tom Brevoort. At the beginning of the issue, Makkari translates the events of Judgment Day in the form of the scriptures of the Eternals. The newly rebooted Machine Earth narrates, “you behold the Makkari, Priest of the New Way. He writes in the traditional High Eternal style… It is a form that combines images and words, in a perfect alloy. For the Eternals, this makes it the highest of all art forms, even if few cultures agree.” The following page shows Makkari detailing the death of Sersi and the ascension of Ajak Celestia in a vivid recreation of panels from Judgment Day #6.

Comics are the Highest Art Form in Marvel’s Eternals.

AX Judgment Day Omega pg 1

Including the Machine’s narration of how Makkari’s transcription was presented, readers were clearly meant to understand that the High Eternal literature was a form of comic book. Given the Eternals’ high-minded and long-standing perspective, it’s an interesting detail that these living gods actually see comics as the greatest art form, and the only format worthy of containing their Saints. that Book. Citing the lack of comics-appreciating communities is Gillen’s jab at Marvel fans who don’t read comics. Or rather, it might be. In the context of the scene, it seems that the Machine’s narration is a critique of the classist perceptions of comics and graphic novels as a form of ‘low art.’ Comics are often lumped into the realms of both literature and visual art, generally considered to fit into either category rather than both. So even as Judgment Day offered one of the most existential threats to the heroes of Earth-616 in Marvel Comics history, it’s ultimately still a love letter to this challenging medium.

The fruits of AX: Judgment Day will be rocking Marvel Comics for months, if not years to come. For example, helping the birth of a Celestial will definitely affect the journey of Mr. Sinister heading into next year’s Sins of Sinister event. But all in all, the massive Avengers, Eternals, and X-Men crossover story has reached its terrifying conclusion. In the wake of a literal Earth shattering conflict, the Eternals was revealed to be more flawed than anyone had ever known. However, godly beings remain superior to humans in their love of comics, as their quick-witted non-comics read. Amazing fans proved.

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