The Game supports his 12-year-old daughter in provocative clothes at the party | Popgen Tech


Game recently shared a photo of his daughter on Instagram, which featured Kelly Lynn Dream Taylor in a tight short dress while she also wore makeup as she attended Puff Daddy’s twin daughters’ 16th birthday party.

The rapper immediately received a negative reaction, but made a rebuttal

“Someone please tell the LORD to help… She was only 2 like a week ago… Now my baby is 12 and growing and it won’t stop,” he wrote before promoting the new If the Instagram page.

“DISCLAIMER: Before the Internet got to the INTERNET’n, me and her mother agreed to let her do the makeup for @the_combs_twins’ sweet 16th birthday].”

However, the disclaimer may have been erased when the Internet got “Internet’n,” as he put it, and began to question his parenting decisions.

One commenter called her dress “ridiculous,” but The Game still supported his daughter’s choice to choose whatever she wanted.

Game supported her daughter’s choice

“I will say this one time so that people who are not her parents will understand. My daughter is 12 and both of her parents are beyond strict. Tiffany is a school teacher with a master’s degree and 2 other degrees who is an amazing parent and very capable of raising our daughter to be great even though I wasn’t in the picture…but I am in the picture so…”

The game asked for permission

“Tiffany called me and asked if it would be okay for my daughter to wear the dress in the photo for the twins’ party…after talking to her about it more for over an hour, I agreed to let my daughter rock…that she is wearing a school uniform 5 days a week.”

Cali Lynn Dream is a simple bookmark

He elaborated, “My daughter has grown tremendously in the last year and is now almost 5’9 tall and beautiful. She is an outspoken standout and most of the time shy and dresses like a Tom boy in baggy jeans and Dr. boots. Martin almost every day.”

“The twins had a futuristic birthday theme and my baby wanted to look amazing and be confident enough to support her friends’ celebration. I am her father and her protector and she will always be a wonderful young woman. Happy Holidays everyone and thank you for your opinion of a child that belongs to US, but we DID IT.’


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