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Then Ms. MarvelKamala Khan’s revelation about Kamala Khan being a mutant, The miracles it can be revealed that at least six more mutants already exist in the MCU. So far, Phase 4 features two confirmed MCU mutants, Kamala Khan Ms. is amazing and Namor enters Black Panther: Wakanda Forever; with a multiversal mutant, Patrick Stewart’s Charles Xavier in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. The in-universe reason why mutants weren’t mentioned before has yet to be explained, but the arrival of more mutant characters in future MCU projects is a certainty.


Before Deadpool brings Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine to the MCU, Ant-Man and the Wasp will be busy in the Quantum Realm, Captain America will be busy fighting The Leader, and Blade will be busy dealing with vampires. The MCU’s only clear connection to mutants back then Deadpool 3 is Kamala Khan, so The miracles is likely to dive deeper into his mutation. And since Kamala will be joined by Monica Rambeau and her idol Carol Danvers, there are a few mutant characters who seem likely to appear in the The miracles.

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X-Men Mutant Rogue and Captain Marvel in the MCU

If there’s one mutant Carol Danvers is familiar with, it’s Rogue. In the comics, the young mutant Rogue attacks Carol Danvers with her life-draining abilities, stealing her powers in the process. And while the Kree were the ones who removed Carol Danvers’ memories in the MCU, it was Rogue who absorbed them into the source material. Rogue, being a villain at the time, attempted to kill Carol by throwing her off the Golden Gate Bridge, but Spider-Woman saved her and brought her to Professor X, who helped her recover. Carol Danvers contacted the X-Men, and when they accepted Rogue as one of them, Carol herself temporarily made peace with her attacker, but their enmity remained for a long time.

Rogue is a key member of the X-Men. If The miracles introducing him, there will be a certain pressure to introduce other X-Men characters as soon as possible. However, Rogue’s debut as a villain in Captain Marvel would be an ideal way to explain her super strength, durability, and ability to fly, which is absent from Anna Paquin’s portrayal from Fox’s X-Men franchise. A super-powered mutant who freely steals the powers of a major superhero would also help illustrate the need for Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, especially if Rogue is as villainous as her comic book counterpart when she’s introduced.


Captain Marvel and Mystique in the MCU

Rogue may be Carol Danvers’ most famous mutant foe, but she wasn’t the first. In fact, Rogue attacked Danvers when he was working with Mystique, his adoptee. Previously, the shapeshifting mutant Mystique was sent to kill him, but he couldn’t get close. When Mystique’s girlfriend Destiny predicts Rogue’s death at the hands of Carol Danvers, Mystique takes it upon herself to kill Danvers before the premonition comes true. However, he failed again.

The MCU may introduce Mystique The miracles without too much pressure, because Mystique is a very independent mutant. Additionally, he can debut as any human character who wants to kill Captain Marvel, only to be revealed as a shapeshifting mutant later on. The double debut of Mystique and Rogue will present a new and comic-accurate dynamic for both mutant characters, and they will help build the mutant corner of the MCU before the MCU X-Men are officially introduced.

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X-Men Mutant Vulcan and Corsair from Marvel's Starjammers

Carol Danvers’ experience in outer space could bring Starjammers into the MCU. The Starjammers are a group of space pirates similar to the Guardians of the Galaxy and are led by the human pilot Corsair, who has sworn revenge on the Shi’ar Empire for enslaving him. Corsair is a regular person, But his three sons were born with an active mutant gene: Gabriel Summers aka Vulcan, Alexander Summers aka Havok, and Scott Summers aka Cyclops. While Havok and Cyclops remained on Earth and eventually joined the X-Men, Vulcan was abducted as an infant by the Shi’ar and raised to be their future emperor.

Vulcan is the perfect link between Kamala Khan’s mutation and Carol Danvers’ intergalactic adventures. Because Captain Marvel was teleported to Kamala’s room at Ms. is amazing post-credits scene, Kamala could have been teleported anywhere in outer space. In The miracles, Kamala may meet the Starjammers, who in turn may cross paths with Corsair’s son, Vulcan. Vulcan could help Kamala harness her mutant powers, or he could become the first mutant villain. Then, Captain Marvel can help Kamala and the Starjammers defeat Vulcan and finally meet his biggest fan.

Monica Rambeau

Monica Rambeau as Specter aka Photon in The MCU

If Kamala Khan owes her ability to use the bracelets to her mutant gene, it’s possible that Monica Rambeau owes her ability to survive Scarlet Witch’s Hex (and gain superpowers from it) to a mutant gene of her own. In WandaVision, re-entering the walls of Wanda Maximoff’s Hex after exiting caused a change in Monica Rambeau’s cells, allowing her to gain intangibility and spectral vision. It’s possible that other regular people died or were damaged by Wanda’s Hex, while Monica’s unique DNA used it as an opportunity to evolve and give her superhuman abilities. If Kamala Khan’s bracelets only enhanced her natural mutation, there’s good reason to think that Wanda’s Hex also turned Monica Rambeau into a mutant as well.

Carol Danvers

Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel in the MCU

To round out the trinity of female MCU mutants, Carol Danvers may be revealed to have been a mutant all along. Like Kamala Khan and Monica Rambeau, Carol Danvers was enhanced by an external energy source that gave her superhuman abilities instead of harming or killing her. In her case, Carol Danvers was struck by the immense power of the Tesseract, which gave her the ability to fly, and shoot and absorb energy. If Captain Marvel is revealed to be a mutant along with Kamala Khan and Monica Rambeau, the fact that an Infinity Stone awakened her mutation will likely confirm that Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are officially the MCU’s first mutants, as Mind Stone has revealed their natural power back to Avengers: Age of Ultron.

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Professor X

Ms Marvel Kamala Khan and Professor X in the MCU

After revealing all three stars in the The miracles are mutants, the most surprising character introduction the MCU could make is Charles Xavier himself. While a multiversal variant of Patrick Stewart’s Professor X has already appeared in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, the MCU’s 616 resident Charles Xavier has yet to debut. The heroic adventure of Ms. Marvel along with Captain Marvel and Monica Rambeau could put her on Professor X’s radar, and the telepath could make her an offer to join his secret school of young mutants. Such an exciting moment will reflect Iron ManSamuel L. Jackson’s iconic post-credits scene, where Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury confronts Tony Stark to reveal that Iron Man is be part of a larger universe”. Similarly, Professor X’s debut in MarvelThe post-credits scene signals the beginning of a new era for the MCU with the arrival of mutants like Ms. Marvel.

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