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Marvel Comics just revealed which Hulk is the best in the Marvel Universe as a Jade Giant tops the other powerful Gamma monsters.

Spoilers for Marvel Comics’ She-Hulk #9The perfect Hulk in the Marvel Universe has been confirmed, as Jennifer Walter’s He-Hulk is considered the best of some rage-monsters. In a new preview for He-Hulk #9, a villain who tries to recreate She-Hulk’s form lists several reasons why Walters is the perfect Hulk, as the hero is in control like few other Gamma-infected characters – while hoping they imitate his extraordinary power.

In a new preview for He-Hulk #9 by Rainbow Rowell, Takeshi Miyazawa, Rico Renzi, Jen Bartel, and Joe Caramagna of VC, scientists April and Mark Booth capture Jennifer Walters after failing to replicate the Hulk’s powers and trying to use her DNA to repair the their tremendous change. After previously admitting that She-Hulk is the best version of the Jade Giant, April explains the reasoning, telling Walters that she has the “perfect amount” of Gamma, while she remains beautiful, intelligent, and more everyone has control over his actions.


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She-Hulk is one of the Hulks who has the most control over her power and rage, as most heroes who transform into Gamma monsters are unable to put a leash on their rage. What makes Hulk the Hulk is his unbridled rage, which gives him strength to an almost immeasurable level – but at the cost of not always being in control of his actions. However, unlike Bruce Banner, Jennifer Walters is able to live her life as before and suppress her anger (for the most part) despite transforming into the Jade Giantess, continuing to work as a lawyer, and maintaining a normal life. -love, while in his Gamma form. . Among the Hulks, he is in an enviable position, making him a target as the “perfect” Hulk.

Jennifer Walter’s She-Hulk may be the perfect Hulk in the Marvel Universe, but the scientists trying to use her blood to take her form will almost certainly see their plan backfire, given their past transformations and physiology. would probably not cause them to be the same type of Hulk as the hero. So in the end, they’re playing with fire, even though they believe that She-Hulk is the key to becoming the perfect Hulks. See small text preview for He-Hulk #9 below.

It’s time for the final showdown with our new villains. Will Jen and Jack make it out alive?

Readers will soon discover if She-Hulk’s blood can turn someone else into the “perfect” version of the Hulk – just like her. Considering being infected as a Hulk is one of the most unpredictable transformations there is, it seems unlikely that the scientists trying to use She-Hulk’s blood will get their desired effect if their experiments are successful. He-Hulk Marvel Comics #9 hits comic shops Wednesday.

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