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The prelate’s fifth trip followed a worldwide appeal for clothing and donations to help those struggling with the winter cold.

With Christmas approaching and temperatures plummeting in war-torn Ukraine, Pope Francis sent an envoy to Ukraine for the fifth time, this time with power generators and thermal clothing. iMedia reports that Polish Cardinal Konrad Krajewski traveled on December 17, 2022.

On the eve of the announcement of the cardinal’s trip, the Apostolic Chaplaincy appealed for thermal T-shirts to help residents of Ukraine who are struggling with high temperatures. An online donation option (which is still active) was available and as of last week had reached over €75,000 (almost $80,000 USD). This is reported by iMedia.

Cardinal Krajewski “intends to bring to the Ukrainian people the fruits of the solidarity gathered in recent weeks,” according to a statement published on the day of Pope Francis’ 86th birthday. Clothes and power generators will be transported to Lviv and then distributed in areas where “the suffering and cold are the greatest,” the statement said.

Since the beginning of the conflict, the Apostolic Chaplaincy has increased humanitarian aid to Ukraine. During his last visit in September, Cardinal Krajewski, who is 59, visited the Odesa, Zhytomyr, Kharkiv regions and other places in eastern Ukraine, assuring Ukrainians “that they are not alone in this situation that brings only destruction and death.”

Apparently, the priest was shot during his tour near the front. He also worshiped the remains of the 500 people buried at the Mass in Itzium.

As the Ukrainian population faces shortages of electricity, gas and food as winter approaches, the cardinal’s donations will hopefully bring a small level of comfort and relief as people face Christmas in the harshest of circumstances.

You can still support the initiative here.



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