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Warning: spoilers ahead for Punisher (2022) #8!The PunisherHis tenure as High Slayer of the Hand was a marked departure for Frank Castle. Although unheard of throughout his career of vigilantism, elements of the supernatural now define Frank Castle in an era where he seems more comfortable wielding a sword than a gun. As Castle finds himself imbued with an ever-growing list of new superpowers, the key to his success doesn’t lie with them alone. Instead, Frank took a piece of his new world and mixed it with his old one, creating a weapon with which he could kill a god.


Ares, the Ancient Greek god of war and former Avenger, is not of the Punisher’s blood. Frank joining the Hand in an effort to end his war is considered blameless in the eyes of the God of War. The Punisher is, for Ares, his greatest disciple – a living embodiment of endless war. The god’s attempt to turn Frank on this path is met with defiance, and as Ares walks away victorious in their first battle, it comes with an important lesson – the Punisher can make a god bleed.

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Before the Punisher #8 from Jason Aaron and artists Paul Azaceta and Jesus Saiz, the Archpriestess of the Hand presents Frank with a trio of fancy daggers and asks him if any of them belong to him – a test that he’s been secretly doing it to her since she was ten. Frank steps forward, picking up the Dagger of the Fist of the Beast – a weapon used by those who have served as High Slayers of the Hand throughout the millennia. The dagger is more than a symbol of Frank’s place over the Hand; the blade holds within it a mystical, deadly power. In their first confrontation with Punisher #6, Ares shrugs off a dizzying array of weapons without harm, from shurikens to energy guns infused with gamma radiation. When Frank struck the god with the Dagger of the Fist, however, the blade plunged into his chest. Enraged and bloody, the god smashes the dagger with his hand and leaves Frank dead. Now, the Punisher makes the blade brand new.

The Punisher Turns His God-Killing Dagger into a Bullet

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While he was unable to kill Ares, the Punisher learned that the dagger could penetrate the flesh of a god. Frank has wielded several guns since taking over the Hand, learning the katana despite the impressive arsenal of guns the Hand kept for him in their temple. As Daredevil observed in Punisher #7Frank is still not like that good with a sword – he still doesn’t wield it with the expert skill he wields with guns. As Ares and his Apostles march into the temple, the Punisher has an order for his ninja honor guard: take the dagger shards and turn them into bullets. The dagger may break, but the power remains in its shards. Eyes blazing with the Beast’s power, the Punisher faced Ares with a gun loaded with bullets that could kill a god.

The Punisher Is Now A God-Tier Killer

Punisher new weapon

Faith and gods became central to the whole Punishercurrent volume of. As Frank sets out to kill a literal one, he is blessed with the powers of an even more ancient, darker god. Meanwhile, his resurrected and devoted wife, Maria, looks back on her years of prayer throughout her marriage. Even Daredevil tried to save Frank from him “ownership” with an exorcism. But Frank Castle’s faith died with his family in Central Park, and it never revived with Maria. As Frank says to end issue eight, “Gods do not win wars. The bullets.”

The Punisher always works by perfectly choosing tactics and weapons for any enemy, from supervillains like Stilt-Man and Rhino to the mob. Now, he fights on a mythic new level, but the logic remains the same. Against Ares, the Punisher seeks the weapon he needs to slay a god, even as the Hand continues to drag him down into the darkness.

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