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When He Sent Flash Thompson into a Coma

After starting out as Parker’s bully in high school, Flash Thompson befriends his former enemy. However, his life turned dark due to his stint in the military, and when he returned from the war, he turned to alcohol and eventually crashed his car while driving under the influence. During Flash’s recovery process, Osborn puts him to work at Oscorp to fight Parker.

Of course, the Green Goblin has an ulterior motive, which was revealed during the “A Death in the Family” arc. In that story, Osborn goes after those closest to Parker to try to get Spider-Man to kill him. Flash, who trusted Osborn, suffered the consequences. After Flash leaves an addiction-recovery meeting, Osborn kidnaps him and force-feeds him alcohol. The villain then puts Flash behind the wheel of a truck and crashes him into Midtown High School, where Parker teaches. Following the incident, Flash suffered brain damage and fell into a coma. Although he eventually recovers, Flash’s difficult life is basically destroyed by the man he trusted.


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