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Thanos sheds tears for his lost Hobgoblin.

Screenshots: Marvel / Disney

When I was about to settle down for my long winter nap and play a lot of things Marvel SnapThe hit the mobile card game just throwing its worst location into heavy rotation. Vormir is where things go, including my sanity thanks to some brutal slowdowns and weird bugs.

Marvel Snap recently released the winterverse is full of fun, festive new card variants and new shop bundles for players who carefully store their hard-earned gold. This is good. I’m so happy. I’d love to get the card with Sunspot kicking back in the Icelandic hot spring. But last night Vormir appeared, a new location that ruined the first card played there for both sides. This is bad. I don’t love it. In fact, Vormir might as well be pissed off at my eggnog.

For those unfamiliar with Vormir, it’s a distant planet where Thanos killed Gamora to get the Soulstone from the Red Skull. Avengers: Infinity War. Channeling this energy Marvel Snap, the new location with a 40 percent appearance rate through Thursday required sacrifice. The first card played there on either side is destroyed. Oh, if only it were that simple.

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While this would be enough to qualify it as one of the most annoying Marvel Snap locations in my book, the real gripe with Vormir—which is close to the French word vomir meaning “to vomit”—is that the animations can often take forever to play and things don’t always turn out the way you expect them to. . “Why is every vormir animation 20 seconds,” snarked a player on the Marvel Snap discord. They are not wrong.

Kotaku Resident gabaghoul Alyssa Mercante said she thought her phone was going to explode after trying to play Sabretooth (which returns to the player’s hand with a new zero energy cost when destroyed) there. Meanwhile, Vormir locked our social media editor Jeb Biggart’s iPhone, forcing him to completely close the game and start again. I even showed Vormir twice in the same fight. No thanks, friends. And never Marvel Snap doesn’t get hung up on Vormir’s animations and calculations, it does some…strange things.

Snap players are the Sir Isaac Newtons of their time, and they love it try each new location with the Green Goblin and Hobgoblin. You might think that if you’re playing a rogue five energy fiend that it doesn’t count towards the opposing player’s Vormir sacrifice requirement. But you are wrong. Many elves have died this way in the name of science.

Of course, there are cool things you can do with Vormir. When it doesn’t get bugged by phantom Iron Fists or trick you into thinking it did because the words are no longer highlighted, you can drop Electro. The card gives you plus one max energy but prevents you from playing more than one card per turn. Unless it dies. Tell by sacrificing it to Vormir. Genius. Deadpool too completely OP and broken for now.

Just don’t expect Angel to fly into your deck and replace him. That looks like a shock right now too. Sorry, sick Vormir lovers, Friday can’t come soon enough.


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