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For her second brand launch, mega-influencer Valeria Lipovetskaya (2 million Instagram followers, 1.7 million TikTok followers, and 1.6 million YouTube followers) is taking lessons from her first outing. Lipovetsky launched Verie, primarily an accessories brand, in 2019. On Tuesday, she launched its replacement, the eponymous clothing brand Valeria. The Instagram tag has been updated to @valeriathebrand.

“There’s more intent behind it,” Lipovetsky said of the difference between the two brands. “Verie started as a passion project and then grew very quickly. We were figuring out who we are, what we are — it started, and we didn’t realize what we were starting. When you’re in that position, it’s hard to see the future.”

Verie started out as an accessories brand, but eventually was used as a testing ground for sports and leisure wear. “We learned a lot,” said Lipovetsky. “Now I have a clear vision of what I want to present – our mission and [brand] value. All the pieces are coming together and Verie can’t bear this new vision.”

Lipovetskaya talks to her subscribers on a variety of topics: from marriage to nutrition and home design. But her fashion sense is the mainstay of her popularity. She prides herself on helping her followers by not only linking the piece, but also telling them how to style it, a practice she plans to carry over to the Valeria brand.

Most fashion brands today sell “clothes” and “things” to customers, she said. Conversely, she wants to sell “style” and “look” to Valeria’s customers. She plans to do this by keeping Valeria a content-driven brand in line with her experience.

“Our media company, Valeria Inc., will be driven by our solutions, focusing on consumer insights and data to understand and deliver on what our consumers want, where there is a gap in the market and in their wardrobes, and what types of marketing and content in social networks work. [best]said Rachel Ostra, CEO of Valeria Inc. “We are excited to take our research from the media side and apply it to the Valeria brand.”

Lipovetsky said Valeria will also focus on wardrobe pieces that “serve” shoppers, in the sense that they will be staple pieces that can be worn repeatedly and mixed and matched. However, she steered clear of using descriptors including ‘must have’, ‘classic’ and ‘timeless’, which are often used by brands to describe collections where ‘everything ends up looking the same’.

As her point of difference, Valeria will provide guidance on combining items to suit your personal style. “When I look at my closet, I’ve been wearing the same pair of pants for probably six years,” she said. “But I keep building on them. And to learn [how to do that] it’s a skill. That’s what I want to give.”


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