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Being stuck in Los Angeles traffic led Cobie Smulders to fall in love with audiobooks and podcasts.Handouts

For Vancouver native Cobie Smulders, it was getting stuck in Los Angeles traffic that made her fall in love with audiobooks and podcasts. The The medium of storytelling has transported him to another world – and to his latest venture, the new Canadian Audible Original series Mistletoe Kills. The How I Met Your Mother and Marvel actress not only voices the main character, Emily Lane, but also serves as the narrator.

The story follows Emily, who runs a Christmas-themed shop in the quaint tourist town of Fletcher’s Grove. When he is forced to investigate a series of murders, Detective Constable Sam Wilner wonders if there is more to Emily than meets the eye.

We caught up with Smulders to discuss her career – past, present and future.

What attracted you to this audio format?

I think there is something historical about it. Before television, the family would gather around the radio and listen to radio plays. Your imagination works differently when you’re just listening to a story that you can’t see.

How much of yourself do you see or imagine in Emily?

Not much. I am very busy in life. I think Emily’s life – or the one she tries to make for herself, living in a small town with few activities and quiet – is fascinating. And I’m certainly not stubborn. Emily is the kind of girl who needs to know things, and I let things go pretty easily.

Can you solve a murder mystery if someone comes your way?

No, I will never get it right. [Laughs]

Smulders not only voices the main character, Emily Lane, but also serves as the narrator in the new Canadian Audible Original series, Mistletoe Murders.VALERIE MACON/Getty Images

How does it feel to revisit How I Met Your Mother in 2022 with How I Met Your Father on Disney+?

I am so happy to be a part of such a wonderful show with such a wonderful cast. The creators of How I Met Your Mother, Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, contacted me to do something, and I would do anything for them. And I want to continue to entertain viewers with a version of our story. It was so trippy to be there on the MacLaren set again. Nothing seems to have changed except me. But it was wonderful.

You appeared in eight movies and shows in the Marvel Cinematic Universe over 10 years. What does it mean to you to occupy this role and space in the MCU?

I’m just grateful that they asked me to continue doing these Marvel projects, because I get to work with some of the most talented, most creative, and kindest people. Not just the actors, but the writers and the staff and everyone who was so nice and so much fun.

Is there anything you haven’t done yet that you’d like to explore in the future?

I did Broadway a few years ago, and that was an amazing experience. So I prefer to do theater. This is the one place where you get a chance to try everything for any scene. There’s no second take when you’re on stage, so there’s an energy that’s unmistakable.

This interview has been edited and condensed.

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