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Marvel Studios has made great strides towards diversity and representation in its films and television shows. From Ms. is amazing and She-Hulk: Attorney at Law on Disney+ for Black Widow (2021) and Captain Marvel (2019), women and people of color are heading into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Of course, Marvel Comics has long represented different types of people. But many of those characters have been buried or ignored in Kevin Feige’s MCU until recent years, with white men taking the lead in Marvel movies.

Ms.  Marvel is hanging on a streetlight lamp watching the city
Credit: Marvel Studios/Ms. Marvel

As inclusion in the MCU grows, many diehard male Marvel fans are unhappy to see themselves underrepresented on screen. Many were outraged by the overtly feminist and sexual themes in He-Hulk and was furious when Natalie Portman played Jane Foster/The Mighty Thor Thor: Love and Thunder (2022). Some coined the term “M-She-U.”

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But on social media, attitudes towards female heroes are rapidly changing for the better. Filmmaker Chris Gore tried to appease male MCU fans when he tweeted this week but was met with a backlash when his message went viral:

Make Marvel Men Again.

As previously mentioned, fans are quick to point out that men still outnumber women in Marvel Studios movies. Despite the bombastic review and alleged boycotts, female-led MCU movies and TV shows are doing well:

Others confronted the men who were hurt directly, asking what was really wrong with the stories that appealed to different audiences. @RealBooBerry wrote:

It’s funny how women have been killed for men’s stories for centuries and just have to deal with it, but men get a few stories where a woman equals or opposes the man, and suddenly the fear of being cucked. Why do you keep trying to look weak?

Some joked that Gore looked “suspicious,” just wanting to watch men on screen. From @TinyTurkey616:

Why do you only want to look at men?

Shannon Strucci, who used to work with Gore, commented that they were disappointed to see his attitude towards women in the MCU films and Disney Plus shows:

When we paneled together you were so kind and encouraging to me (especially me being someone in that space who isn’t a dude) so I don’t know what this post is or what the joke or implication is? If there is any sincerity, it is very weird and disappointing to see from you 🙁

What do you think of “Make Marvel Male Again?”


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