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On Thursday night, Wack 100 brought Tekashi 69 back to Clubhouse in room 100 ENT. King Von’s music was playing as part of the playlist that was supposed to be played before 6ix9ine came on.
The room started with a song by King Von, and 69 quickly intercepted, said cut that shit off; that n**** in hell is burning right now.[[[[

Months ago, people close to the music industry and fans predicted that Gunna would snitch (he says) 69 and said he has no views on it. It’s clear as day, me and you (Young Thug) fight a case. My role is not as crazy as your role.

You don’t have a claim like I have a claim. But once you plead guilty, you admit a crime. Anything you say under oath is put on your husband.

You told the state judge that your husband was there, we were there, we did it. Just you and Jeffery were caught in the car, and we found a gun and drugs. what did he say

Wack 100 “What covered up the bank robbery is what covered up Rico’s indictment.”

Wack admits that he met Gunna before and it wasn’t like that. So he’s playing like that, but he’s really not.

Sixty nine said motherf***ers what he did. He hoped on the stands, he said what he did. I just saw Busta Rhymes on Ig saying, “Welcome Home King.”

Wack: Thug, We ain’t nothing but a label; Gunna basically went against what they were saying in the beginning

69″I just got on an elevator and came to my hotel room alone, they didn’t pick up at any Waffle House.”

6ix9ine is clearly referencing PNB Rock, who was killed in Los Angeles at Roscoe’s House of Chicken’ N Waffles back in September, according to People Magazine.

Then Wack 100 asked 69 what he was facing (accusations); he replied n***, look it up, you know what I was facing. I hate funny shit.

Alpo Martinez on a street rat “You do what you have to do for you” I still did 25 years, and they say I’m saying. There is no road code. “They called me a rat witness of the government. Never forget that I am a man.”

Reek, another infamous snitch 69 you all act like when I, you all act like there is no internet yall close your eyes. “When you all see me out doing something” I’ve been out with wack 100 times. CEO Reek Gang member and well-known host Reek: “What if no one thinks they do nothing for you?” G Homie 99% of the neighborhood is scared of him, but he’s coming out from behind. But the government says it has been a reliable source since 1987.


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