Warm clothes from Jingles for Jackets keep you going on Thursday despite the cold | Popgen Tech


Organizers of Jingles for Jackets, which will take place this Thursday, are still going ahead with the event despite the cold weather in the forecast, saying they decided “there’s something wrong with canceling the event in warm clothes because it’s outside it’s too cold.”

Organizers Chelsea Vanderwerf, Natalie Skokan and Chantel Delaney took to the Original Goat Production Facebook page on Monday to announce that the event is going ahead with a few changes.

The area for donating jackets and other winter clothing has been moved to the back of event sponsor Sprout Health Market, located at #16 196 Spokane St.

The organizers have also shortened the list of songs to sing, so the event will be a little shorter. Hot chocolate provided by Mother Parkers Coffee will also be available as a donation to keep everyone warm. All money raised will go to the Kimberley Food Bank.

“It’s going to be short, sweet, cozy and wonderful, and we need donations more than ever because it’s so cold outside,” Delaney said.

Skokan told the Bulletin that she spoke with the Salvation Army, who told her that while they will take anything, they especially need gloves, socks, socks and boots.

It is also important to note that although there is a charge when shopping at the Salvation Army, if you are in need but cannot afford an item, you can simply ask and it will all be provided for free.

Caroling musicians include Oliver McQuaid, Cosimo, Curtis Kaldestad, Leslie Pink, Randy Marchi, Stacey Decos, Angie Bedom and Ryan Peterson.

The second annual Jingles for Jackets will be held on Thursday, December 22 at 6:30 in the Platzl.


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