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Fitness tips: do laundry, do housework

Shahrukh Khan promoted his filmPataanat FIFA 2022 World Cup finale and spoke frankly about the film. The actor spoke for a long time about how he was preparing for action entertainer.

Addressing his four-year hiatus, Shahrukh Khan said, “I think I did those cameos before or during the four-year hiatus as well. I took a year off. I thought I would wait a year, prepare myself physically. There was my film Zero, a lot of hard work went into it, but it didn’t work. Even if no one likes it, I feel sick too. But then I thought I’m going to do what people like – so I’ll also try to do something that people also like, but it’s different for me, so I took a year off.”

Talking about how he got physically fit for Pathaan, SRK stated: “I had to spend a lot of time with my children, physically I became very fit. I started working out because there was nothing else to do. We were all at home and locked up so I could go to the gym, work in the kitchen, do the laundry, do all the housework and stay in shape (laughs). But it was a lot of fun.”


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