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The miracles was officially announced as a sequel to Captain Marvel soon after the film’s release in 2019. Although plans for the film began a long time ago, it was made into a crossover with projects that have yet to premiere. The film will see the revival of Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) and will include Disney’s newest addition to the MCU: Ms. Marvel (Iman Vellani). There’s definitely a lot to look forward to. It’s a movie that’s going to take a certain corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and expand it, so it’s more front and center. Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) is no longer going to the far side of the galaxy, helping other planets all the time. He will be front and center with his own dedicated crew.


A lot of things will be brought back to the MCU that we haven’t seen in a while. With the return of Nick Fury, will we see a new, more underground version of SHIELD? Or will he remain a lone operator, working only with a few close friends? What role will SWORD play? And what about Marvel’s Secret Assault be involved? The potential excitement generated by crossovers alone is amazing. And this does not take into account all the possibilities brought by the Captain Marvelown world of comics. So, here are just a few of the reasons to get pumped The miracles.

The Marvels’ Connectivity

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The miracles presents a line of heroes that aren’t in the spotlight very often. Each of these stars only seems to have an origin story and maybe a few cameos when other characters in the Marvel Universe already have a few sequels. And the origin of Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris) only lasted ten minutes WandaVision. This group of heroes deserves more attention, especially given how well known they are in the comics. Captain Marvel is one of the most powerful heroes in the Universe, and it’s always a joy to see him kick some extraterrestrial butt. Plus, most of us haven’t seen Nick Fury in a more significant role in a while. And I think we all want to see Samuel L. Jackson in the MCU again.

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This film will also examine the MCU’s newest hero: Ms. Marvel. Having such a high level of notoriety in comics, Ms. Marvel in Phase 4 and the upcoming Phase 5. His involvement also officially confirms the notion that The miracles will be a cross-title venture. This means that, like many other Marvel movies currently, the events of this movie will affect the rest of the MCU in exciting ways. Bisha K. Ali, the writer for Ms. is amazinghad this to say to The Hollywood Reporter about Kamala Khan’s connection to The miracles:

“At the point we started the Ms. is amazing writers’ room, we already know the entrance to that The miracles will happen and that Ms. Marvel will be a part of it. What I didn’t know — and still don’t — is what will happen with that movie, but I have a few guesses … […] I was very aware of that connection, and by the time they were moving in earnest on that feature, most of our scripts had been written. So, they’ve read all our scripts, and they know what’s going to happen to him. They have all that in mind as they go into their movie, but I want to know what happens in their story.

The Possibilities of the MCU

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There’s more to explore, because of the connection to people, narrative, and opportunities to advance the story. Despite the little we know about the film’s plot, it will have some connections Secret Assaultan event in the Marvel Universe in which the Skrulls, a race of shape-shifting aliens, have quietly infiltrated the highest levels of Earth’s government and superheroes.

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There is no release date for the series, but there are hints that it will air in late 2022 at the earliest The miracles coming out next year. And even the main event will take place before The miraclesit will certainly have a lasting effect on who we can trust and who a Skrull really is.

The film will also likely include bits of the Kree/Skrull war, a thousand-year conflict that we’ve glimpsed. Captain Marvel. Now that Nick Fury and Captain Marvel are caught up in the war, there’s plenty of room to introduce alien characters into the MCU, including Hulkling, a super-Skrull who eventually becomes part of the Young Avengers.

There are also many actors with roles in the film who have yet to announce their roles, and some fans believe that Nova may be part of the film. Even though he’s basically a character in his own series, we’ve seen the Nova Corps Guardian of the Universe movies. Doctor Minerva may also return, although the actor (Gemma Chan) already had a dual role as Sersi in Eternals.


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