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Wiz Khalifa has promised to stop doing this.

The cannabis guru stated this on an episode of DJ Whoo Kid’s “WHOO’s House” podcast earlier this month, when he discussed not wearing much jewelry when he’s out and about in public.

This is for his own protection as well as for the safety of others around him.

The “Young, Wild, and Free” rapper explained, “You grow out of that shit and put value in other things at certain points.”

“It’s cool to have that frame of mind too or it’s cool to have the little joint too. You don’t have to have the biggest, craziest situation going on.”

Wiz also noted all the recent murders, notably those of major rap figures.

“And with all these murders and shit going on, you’re inviting fucking energy that you don’t need. And people look at you as if they get excited when they see that kind of st.”

The 35-year-old North Dakota native also went viral last month after suggesting that chain-wearing rappers were already “going out of style.”

But last year, it seems that Wiz Khalifa he had an epiphany as he told his followers in June 2021 it’s not good to be wearing so much bling out and about how you can become a target.

PnB Dead Rock

Wiz Khalifa’s comments follow the death of PnB Rock, with authorities suspecting his Instagram post contributed to his death.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the shooter who killed the rapper in a South Los Angeles restaurant demanded that PnB Rock hand over his jewelry and other valuables before engaging in a battle with the rapper and shoot the fire.

Rakim Allen, 30, was at the restaurant with his girlfriend, who submitted an image with the location tag in an Instagram post that has since been deleted.

The incident happened shortly after the rapper was identified on the internet as being in the food business, and the authorities are still investigating if this is what provoked the attack.

Now they are advising the pawnshops to be careful about the jewels that were taken from the rapper’s neck.

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Dead Departure

However, another rapper, Takeoff, was shot and killed earlier this month. On November 1, he was killed in an early morning shooting in Houston over an alleged dice game, following which a brawl broke out at a bowling alley in Houston, Texas.

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