Would you save for a holiday gift? Secondhand is popular among students | Popgen Tech


Thrift shopping is essential for students who want to save the planet and their wallets.

Online giant ThredUP has released its resale report, which says that worldwide sales of second-hand clothing will grow from $96 billion in 2021 to $119 billion in 2022, with sales expected to increase by $99 billion by 2026.

Four Northeastern students studying fashion or the environment — three of whom are from California — told News@Northeastern about their favorite places and outdoor markets to thrift in Boston and Oakland, home of Northeastern University’s Mills College.

They also explained why they shop second-hand and why they plan to give used gifts for the holidays — and described a few of their finds.

Why thrift?

“I’ve come this whole way through college with environmentalism and finding ways to get people involved in climate solutions,” says Nia Beckett, a fifth-year journalism major with a global fashion major.

“I think saving is a big part of it because everyone gets dressed in the morning. And we know that fast fashion is a huge problem that contributes to landfills and workers being mismanaged.”


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